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2010 for an year it is

Posted by Joe on December 31, 2010

First post this year:
An incoherent post about me. Seriously. The only thing I am thinking right now is to flip my finger to the whole world and think about me. I have thought about me the same way exactly an year back. After that, this blog kind of tapered out. I think that is mainly due to the advent of facebook. I find facebook more easy to share information than on blogs. More over, most of the time, what I am thinking about could not be put as a blog post. Mostly they are one liners. Another thing to note is that blogging takes some of your effort, and facebooking is easy. I am not into micro blogging (twitter) and thus facebook is my only option. I have kept orkut just as a remembrance nowadays and I am a bit strict on whom to add as a friend in facebook.
Enough of ranting, coming to this post’s main topic, 2010, similar to 2009 can be remembered only for my running. I finished a 50K this year, and ran 21K in a respectable 2 hrs and 40 odd minutes. Other than that, 2010 is again an year to forget or an year with nothing to forget. There is a high probability that I might get married before the end of 2011. May be, I will think nicely about my bachelor days with no worries and full comforts when I am listening to the non stop rants of some girl.
Again after reading my previous post for 2009, I feel that my reading has also not improved much in 2010. I have not yet finished war and peace. I still don’t feel like an year has passed since I read Brothers Karamazov!! It is still fresh in my memory.
Again 2010 is an year when a decade has passed.
I can not believe that at 2000, I was a 12th standard student, who was sitting in the upper berth of the train not believing that he has just got a ECE seat in one of the best colleges in Tamil Nadu. 6 years later, I was again an unbelieving young man who was on his maiden voyage to IIT Delhi in his first ever air travel. Even though that resulted in a disaster with 2 of the 3 professors in the interview panel when I said I will apply Fourier transform on a discreet sine wave (It is supposed to be Fourier Series), I did got a seat in IIT Guwahati to do my masters.
The two years in IIT Guwahati changed my way of thinking. It made me believe in myself and that I have something in me. It did build my confidence, which was seen as arrogance and over confidence by many. It gave me awesome friends whom I am still having touch with. Now in 2010, I am still hanging out with the guys I made as friends 10 years back. I am still talking with my childhood friends. I have not lost contact with people who matter most. The decade has been indeed wonderful. It has transformed an young boy into a fairly successful adult.
I remember how 2000 started for me. I was in a church listening to a boring sermon, wondering that, at the same time, the whole world is celebrating the birth of a millennium. Now I am confident how I am going to start 2010. In the same way in a church. Even though the decade has withered away the reverence of God in me, let me hope that the coming decade will be as fruitful as the decade before me :)
Most probably, before the end of the coming decade, I will be married and hopefully a father. So for a first time after many years, I am starting a new year with optimism, and after many years, I will be starting my new year in a church :)
Time for making resolution:
My resolution for 2010 is to write a post similar to this one at the end of 2010 to speak about how the year was. Its title should be “2011 for an year it is :)”

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Criticizing the Ayodhya verdict

Posted by Joe on October 2, 2010

Almost everyone in India is maintaining a dignified silence around the Ayodhya verdict. Thankfully, we have not seen violence yet after the verdict has been announced. Mainly because the youth of today know more about farmvile and orkut than about what happened in Ayodhya. The only way they know Ayodhya might be through films like Mumbai which touched upon the violence after the Babri masjid demolition.

Instead of beating around the bush, let me come straight to the reasons why I think the verdict is not so correct.

The first thing to note is, instead of being a civil suit, the case has been judged as a theological suit. Who are the judges to finalize where the birthplace of Ram is and whether Babar masjid is infact a majid? They decisions should be left to the religious leaders and they should just stick on to giving decision based on facts rather than on beliefs. So this verdict has proved everyone that India is indeed not a secular country, but a religious one.

Next, coming on to the verdict. Everyone, including the muslim judge has given the place under the central dome to Hindus. The central dome, as its name suggests was the center of Babri masjid before its demolition in 1992. So are the judges suggesting that what happened in 1992 is correct? If the mob has not demolished the masjid in 1992, according to the judgement, they should have demolished the structure judicially in 2010!!!

During muslim rule, lot of hindu temples were ravaged. A lot many masjids might have been built on top of it. Is the court suggesting that we should collect an inventory of all the masjids constructed that way and they should be demolished to give way for hindu temples? As Ayodhya has been acknowledged as the birth place of Ram, we have other birthplaces of other gods too like Mathura. So will the masjids present in those holy towns follow suite of Ayodhya?

The verdict is nothing more than a panjayat verdict which has appeased the masses for the time being. Hindus and Muslims have shown their maturity by restraining them from committing to mindless violence. But this verdict is another writing on the wall that non-hindu minorities will be treated as minorities.

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Posted by Joe on August 15, 2010

First of all, on the day of Independence day, I wish you all happy Independence day (I am assuming that you are an Indian).

So we call ourselves the worlds biggest and successful democracy. Before dwelling into our democracy, let us consider why Socrates was murdered.

Feeling I am already going off topic? As a mater of fact I am not. Socrates was murdered as he spoke against democracy. His argument was, just because a person is famous among the people, he can not rule them properly. Only a talented person, who understands the pros and cons of the decisions he is taking can rule the people properly. He was not against democracy per se. But he was against democracy, which gives power to the un-deserving.

Let us fast forward to our times, exactly a short time before India got independence.

Jinnah was so scared of democracy that he was afraid of total domination of hindus over the muslim minority.
He wanted a separate country, so that the minority will become a majority over there. Having non-democratic reason to form the country, they were under military rule for a longer time than under a democratic rule. Even when they had democracy, they fared very badly, as they didn’t let the East-Pakistan majority rule over them.
Pakistan looked at democracy always with a cautious note.

Compared to Pakistan, we can say that we performed marginally better. We have been under emergency only once, where Ms Gandhi had a totalitarian control over the whole country. But look at the state of the politicians we have right now.

More than 50% of our MPs have criminal cases on them.
Almost all of them are crorepathis.

If Democracy on concept denotes ruling of people by people who represent them, I don’t think India is under a democratic rule. I don’t think 50% of our population have criminal cases on them. In fact having a criminal case and entering the court is considered to be a dis-honor to the whole family in many parts of India. I am pretty much sure not even 1% of our population are crorepathis.

So when we boast about India being the most successful democracy in the whole world, what are we boasting of?

Are we boasting Mayawati as one of our CM, when her only qualification is that she is a dalit?
Are we boasting Rahul Gandhi as the next beacon of India, where if he is not born to his father, he would have been a nobody?
Are we boasting Lalu as the best Railway minister we had in history, where he moved Bihar back to stone age?

What have we achieved in this 60 odd years of Independence and 60 odd years of democracy?

Corruption has been steadily increasing, and so is the inflation.
Yes, we can see more middle class people coming up in the social ladder, thanks to IT and related services.
We did test some nuclear bombs and we are ready for any nuclear war if any with Pakistan.

But are these direct results of India being a democratic country?
China has overtaken us by leaps and bounds, even though they are under communist rule.
They have achieved more that what we have in the past 60 years.
Does that mean communism is better than democracy?

How can we accept that fact that the policy makers have no idea about what they are going to do still they get elected?
How can we call guys like M.K.Alagiri, who can not understand anything other than Tamil and Rowdism our cabinet minister?

Forget what we have done till now. But the bigger question is are we heading in the right direction?
The questions are many, but answers are few and far between.
And I like many others am lost in this flood of questions.

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Posted by Joe on July 5, 2010

Don’t search who made the below quote. It is entirely my Intellectual property :).

without communist, the world will be a better place to live

I always had a soft corner for communism.
My dad was a die hard communist, who participated in all the student union activities during his college times.
His name even came in news paper, for leading/participating in a strike.
We bought sputnik instead of readers digest and during election, I remember my dad wearing a red shirt.

But few incidents which happened in my life has completely changed my perception about communism.
The first major change happened when I went to Trivandrum.
I was working with TCS at that time, and Trivandrum, being the capital of Kerala is a hot bed of communism.
Atleast once a month, the work will be stopped due to strike of some sort and harthal is a common occurrence.
But the thing which made me change the complete perception about communist was when we shifted our house and the red shirts came to our house as soon as we finished lifting all our house hold items from the road to our house in second floor and demanded Rs 1000/- as we have stolen their jobs from them.
This started a heated exchange between me and the communist guys, with them even warning me that he will not let me live in the city as I am not in Tamil Nadu any more.
The guys cooled down and dispersed calmly after my sane friend gave them Rs 50/-

This is communism in utmost practicality. Humans are lazy by birth and communism sponsors for it through its principles of equality. Performance incentives are a big no-no and promotions based on talent is blasphemy. In fact in the book “Principles of Russian Socialism”, the author points out that in a socialist society, accumulation of wealth is looked down upon.

Still we can see our neighbors China doing fairly well and infact Kerala is one of the most developed state in India. But China still has got its democracy and Kerala has still got its buffer of abundant natural wealth which communist can keep on destroying for the next 30 years or so.

And one more thing, have you ever read any communist magazines?

I got to put my hands on one while I was traveling from Bangalore to Madurai.

The magazine got nothing other than bitching all around. They wanted everything for free. They were against industrial development, as it takes jobs away from normal public, who are not skilled to take the job.
They wanted to stay in the form of a raw animal. They wanted everything to stay with the government, and the government not to focus on making any profit with its institutions, as it will go against the will of helping the public, and still wanted the country to develop.

I think the communist have to come out of their cocoon of Utopian world and face the reality.

Change should start from the top, and for a change, they should tell the government what to do instead of bitching about what they have done. They should focus on making things rather than breaking things, as communist, in my opinion know nothing other than bandhs, harthals, processions, rallys and shouting slogans.

Other than working as devil’s advocate who cries foul about everything going on in this world, I find no use for communist in this society.

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Posted by Joe on April 28, 2010

There is a phase in every one’s life
where he is small and not noted by all.
He is undistinguished and definitely unimportant.
Banging his hands against a wall.

He wants to think he is different
And to his dismay, he finds he is not.
There are same routes and roughly same patterns
Which he is following, as every one in the lot.

He is scared to fall into the trap
Which he knows is really very deep.
He tries to swim away from this hole
Which is deeper than the deepest worm hole.

He wants to break shackles and thus run free.
He wants to be great and be distinguished.
But alas he is scared to break free and run
‘cos he is just another guy, with same old thoughts.

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Sania Malik?

Posted by Joe on March 30, 2010

Well well well.
Even though I think public and press should stay away from the private life of public figures, I can’t help but wonder about Sania Mirza getting engaged to Shoaib Malik.

If this engagement proceeds to marriage, that would be the pinnacle of Sania Mirza’s career.
Yes I didn’t commit a spelling mistake. Who cares about Sania Mirza’s tennis career anyways?

Personally, I followed Sania Mirza when she was an innocent 16 year old teenager, who paired up with Leandar Paes and won Asia cup mixed doubles gold for india. After that, her rise has been pretty meteorological. She kept on being in the front of press, more for putting her legs before Indian flag, than winning any tournaments, which she hardly did any.

Yes she won a grandslam with Mahesh Bhupati, and she has beaten Martina Hingis once. But for the fame and the number of advertisements she appeared in, her contributions to sport is pretty stingy.

I was not able to understand the hullabaloo around her ‘cos Mahesh Bhupati and Leandar Paes kept on winning grand slams after grand slams one after another.

I dont think she did enough to tennis as PT Usha did to athletics or Saina Nehwal did to Badmitton. Still the only thing is Sania Mirza is better looking than the other two and she was able to act as a bitch (sorry girls :)) when required.

By the way I wanted to write about this issue, as this issue will definitely bring up lot many issues including feminism.

Dont believe me?
Do you remember how Indians cheered when Sunny Deol who is an Indian eloped with Amisha Patel who is a Paki in the movie Gadar: Ek prem katha.
Now is the perfect role reversal. A guy from Pakistan is going to marry a girl from India.
I don’t think Indians will support this marriage as they did with Gadar: Ek prem katha.

The next thing is Indo-Pak peace talks.

Think about it. If Gandhiji brought up a decree saying that all Indians should marry a Pakistani only, then most probably we will stop fighting with Pakistan. ‘cos it will be like fighting your own Mom or Dad.

Sania, by starting inter country marriage, has definitely started a new peace process in the correct path ;)

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5 digits

Posted by Joe on March 12, 2010

Congrats to me!!!
My blog visit count is slowly moving towards 10K.
I was hoping my blog visit count will overtake my Orkut home page visits before my home page visits reaches 10K.
But unfortunately today, I found out that Orkut home page visits have crossed 10K and Orkut has edged out WordPress.
Even though 10K is noway a big number, personally, I think it is a huge achievement for me.
I am happy that some one out there in the wide and huge internet reads my rumblings and have even provided comments for the same.
Many a times, this blog has been a tool to vent out my frustration and anger I feel towards something.
Funnily, I have more posts in Draft than the number of posts which I have posted.
Enough of my rumbling. Thanks every one.
I will try to come up with something soon in the future.

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Dream Job

Posted by Joe on March 1, 2010

When you were a child, some one would have asked you this question. You might have even written essays about it too.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most of us would have said they wanted to be an astronaut, pilot, or a teacher, some even district collector and a very few army officer. I can bet for sure, none of us would have even though about being an engineer.

When we were kids (I am talking about early 90s), computers were kind of like rocket science. You might have had one or two classmates, who had a distant cousin, who owned a computer. You might have even paid lot of money to learn Basic and Foxpro in an old dos console. Dave and Prince were the hippest of the video games, and your friends might have talked hours together about how Dave jumps and how Prince stabs.

Now things have changed to each and every one for sure. You are most probably reading my blog in a computer(Other options being smartphone, iPad, blackberry). The sight of looking at a computer, which once was extreme delight, has given way to utter disgust. Personally, I hate the black lenovo which my company has given me. But I still have to look at it day in and out.

We want to stay away from computers as long as we can. But it has become such an addiction that, even after staying away from it for half an hour, we return to check the new mails and the facebook scraps.

We have become like Gollum of Lord of the Rings, who hated and loved its ring at the same time.

OK OK, as usual, I have drifted away from the topic which I wanted to talk about.

The topic was about our childhood fantasy.

I dont know how many of us are doing the same job which we dreamed of as a child. I am pretty sure, most of those who wanted to become a collector, or an Astronaut would be doing something else in his life, as their dreams were as high as Everest is for a whale.

Talking about me, as a child, I wanted to become a geologist.

If you ask for the reason, Geology was the only subject in which I was able to perform consistently in my class. I was kind of dumbfounded by the different rocks and stuff. Seriously I liked how sedimentary rocks are formed and how they were distributed around India.

South West and North East monsoons were cool to learn, and the fact about Chirapunji and Sahara were mind blowing.

Every thing came to an abrupt end when I told my dream of being a geologist to one of my mom’s collegues. She brought me out of my dream world and made me face the reality. She told me about her nephew and how she finished her degree in geology and how she is still waiting for a call from the Indian government to be given a job in geological survey of India. I don’t know whether she has now got a call, as it has been close to a decade since then.

But leaner job market in Geography killed my dream. I was no way interested in studying something and getting nothing in return. For me, my dream should pay me big time :). I changed my focus out of Geography and into mathematics. Of course, I stopped getting high marks which I used to get in Geography.

After learning that after 10th, you don’t have to learn Geography, Geography became a mundane subject, than an interesting one which it used to be.

But even now, the number of treks which I do might be due to the interest which I had in Geography. I like the variation from the arid regions in Andhra to the dense jungles in Karnataka.

When I see with my own eyes, the truth of windward side and leeward side, I feel enticed. Even now, I feel, working in Geological survey of India, roaming around forests and jungles, taking measurements about the subtle variations in soil and vegetation would be the best job in the planet.

But I guess some dreams are meant to stay as dreams.

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Posted by Joe on February 12, 2010

When ever I do something, just for the sake of every one else doing it, I repent. Avatar has fallen in that stake of things I repent.
I know this has come really late, and most probably Avatar craze is so 2009. But I saw Avatar only now.
The movie was greatly hyped, and there were even talks of Avatar doing to cinema what Christ has done to calendar – Pre Avatar and post Avatar era. But unfortunately, the movie sucked big time.

I know I know, the movie’s special effects were awesome, and thinking about it, that’s it.
The movie has great special effects, and that is the beginning and the end of the movie.
You feel as if you are in the forest of Venezuela or Brazil when you watch the movie, and the 3D effect is pretty awesome. The flares of fire looked pretty realistic and the forearms of the soldiers when they were firing bullets were also realistic.

But the story is a big question mark. If they have released this movie before The last Samurai, they could have definitely saved face. I, after watching the last Samurai, was not able to find anything different in this movie and the Japan based story.

And for sure, Avatar doesn’t deserve to overtake Titanic.

Definitely it has created a new avatar in 3D video making and special effects. But the special effects are way too good that you don’t even give enough credit for it.

To sum it all, Avatar is a movie which you can definitely watch one time, just for the sake of watching it.

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Youtube sucks!!

Posted by Joe on February 10, 2010

While I was a kid, I liked this song “Ek baar Ek baar pyar se tu bol” by Saif Ali Khan. I even forgot the movie in which it was shot. But I and my sis liked that song so much that we wanted to have a audio cassette of that song.

Instead of buying that movie audio cassette, we decided to record the song in a audio cassette, and instead of having only that song in an audio cassette, we planned to record more songs in the same cassette.

We did some analysis with other cassettes we were having at that time, and realized that we can record something like 14 songs in a single cassette.

So with this list in my hand, I and my dad went from one music shop to another to get the songs recorded. Unfortunately our home town was Madurai, and not many people listen to hindi songs over there. More importantly, Madurai is considered to be the center of Tamil language, and as you might be knowing, Tamil Nadu is tweaked a bit away from Hindi.

Finally, after searching in some 5-6 music shops, we ended on a music store which agreed to record the songs for us. He asked for two days to get the songs recorded, and we readily agreed for the same.

After waiting anxiously for 48 hours, we got the tape in our hand, and I rushed back home to hear the music flowing out of it.

Side A had 7 songs as we expected, but our “Ek baar Ek baar pyar se tu bol” was not among them. Side B had the songs from the movie Barsaat, which was fine for us. But unfortunately, the last song from Barsaat ran for a whole 10 minutes instead of the expected 5 minutes and “Ek baar Ek baar pyar se tu bol” was not in Side B too.

We don’t have “Ek baar Ek baar pyar se tu bol” in the audio cassette

I tried consoling myself that only the initial verses are good, but my sister poured oil in the fire by singing the chorus too.

Now thanks to youtube, I can find the song online, and I can play it any number of times I want. Even though we have coolgoose and raaga.com to listen to the songs online, personally I prefer youtube. Youtube has helped me keep in touch with Ramstein or Ozzy. It has definitely introduced the comical skits of Shane Dawson, rumblings of SxePhil, or the sheer craziness of FLuffeeTalks.

But this is just the users in youtube. Youtube as a whole still sucks.

I seriously don’t understand why in my home page, I should be shown some crapy hindi sitcom as featured videos or the videos being watched. I came to know about RayWilliamJohnson or Nigahiga only through the most viewed column in youtube front page. Nowadays I am getting some crappy hindi movie trailer or again a crapy hindi sitcom.

The worst part is, I can in no way know what is the most happeneing thing in the rest of the world, as in youtube, I get almost all the information pertaining to India. The most viewed, or the most popular almost always points to hindi serials.

The worser part is, I dont have any option by which I can change the regional setting.

Youtube, as part of google is the master, and we have to eat what we are given. Crappy equation for sure.

Youtube has tried its level best to make the youtube experience as regional as possible. But by trying for the same, youtube has lost on its core aim – To make the whole world a single village.

PS: I found out where to change the location settings. It is in the bottom of the page than in the top where it used to be. Still I hate youtube for that :)

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