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Blame it on Management not on Cricket

Posted by Joe on December 2, 2006

Have you ever seen Have you ever seen an Indian team which has looked like a world beater in cricket or in any other game?


As far as I remember, may be in kabbadi which is being played only in south asia or in hockey during the times of dayan chand and 1970s. Have you ever had a faith that India will return from olympics with a single gold medal? The answer is again a sorry no.

What has happened to indian sports?

Are Indians not talented enough, or the facilities and the atmosphere for sports development is lagging in India? Or may be just may be could it be because of Cricket?

Can we remember atleast five members of indian hockey or football team. How many sports men who are not in cricket come in advertisements? Leave other things, given an option of a bat and a ball or a single football, which one will we prefer? The answers for almost all of these questions are obvious. If we think of sports, we think of cricket.

This proves that we are cricket crazy .So are britishers who are foot ball crazy. But they still get some medals in olympics and their cricket team is also good. So if they can after being football crazy can play other games, why cant we? After much thinking, we can find a plausible solution for all of this.

Blame it on the management and not on cricket.

It is an open secret that Indian management and politics as a whole sucks. Being the wealthiest cricket club in the world, India hasnt got any big wins rescently. If even with loads of money, if the representatives of 1 billion indians cant perform, dont blame it on indians, blame it on the system. The system is not getting the best out of this 1 billion and the bank which it has got.

If this is the case of cricket, God save other sports


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