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Posted by Joe on February 12, 2007

“Britney spears divorced Kevin Federline.”
“Bipasa Basu and John Abraham are about to break their affair.”
“Tom cruise and Katie Holmes had a fight after their reception.”

These kinds of events make into the head lines of the papers nowadays and we are very much inclined to know what Sania Mirza is doing other than playing tennis and about aishwarya and abhishek’s marriage.

By the way why do we want to know all these things? Aren’t these people just show persons who help us to pass our time when we have nothing beter to do?

But unfortunately we people as spectators are not as professional as we should be. If we are, we should have liked Venus Williams beter than Sania Mirza and should have cheered when Sachin gets out by a beautiful ball bowled by Shoaib Akthar.

But These things doesnt happen.

This is due to the fact that  we human beings are not robots. We treat these celebraties as some one we know personnaly instead of treating them just as show persons. We notice more than what is neccessary. We want more information than what is termed as necessary. We always want to go over the cliff and to know what is at the next side. We always mix emotions with what we perceive.

So instead of enjoying the game of cricket or just listening to music, we are letting our emotions go free and are mixing patriotism and inborn urge with what we watch. This is why we are cheering for Indian cricket team and Sania Mirza. This is why we want to know what is going on in the personnel lives of Britney spears and Aishwarya rai.

So guys next time you watch these persons and are browsing through their personnel lives, remember – ‘You are not being professional :-)’


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Pokiri: Tamil Vs Telugu

Posted by Joe on February 11, 2007

Like a lot of Vijay’s movies, pokiri is also a remake from telugu. Few of his old movies are good and I enjoyed watching Gilli.
But the thing is I watched that movie before watching Okadu of telugu.
This time, I watched pokiri after watching pokiri in telugu.
Now tamil pokiri has got not a few but many flaws.

First thing is Asin is not Illeyana and Vijay is not Mahesh Babu. Even though you can say that Mahesh Babu is beter looking than Vijay and Illeyana is comparable with Asin, their screen chemistry was much beter than the screen chemistry which Asin and Vijay had in Tamil Pokiri.

Second thing is the way Prabhu deva has screwed the movie. The movie was too vulgur. Telugu pokiri was a family entertainer. Even though it has the same sceens in which the police officer talks with Illeyana’s mom and her. But here in addition to that, there are a lot of lewd sceens. Best example is the first sceen in which the camera was focussed directly on Asin’s boobs. I really got irritated watching that sceen (Even though I cant say i didnt liked it 😉 But i am comparing that sceen with the introduction of Illeyana in Telugu).

The lift sceen in telugu was the best screen in telugu pokiri. In tamil, it was the reverse. I was expecting for that sceen to end and the dialogues inside the lift were also too bad. Unnecessarily Appadi podu song was introduced in the middle and the dreaming sceens of Asin inside the lift were too horrible. Mahesh Babu was slapping much harder than Vijay and was more realistic.

The first train sceen in which Vijay asks about uppuma is badly taken. In telugu, the way Illeyana bitches is really beautiful. But Asin oh my god. I never dreamed asin like that. She is supposed to be a class figure. Madras bashai didnt suit her. It was looking too awful.

While watching dole dole song in telugu, I thought that in tamil, prabhu deva will do the particular song much beter. But i saw the reverse. Telugu song was really trendy. But in tamil, i was yawning through out the song. Asin’s dance was also low class.

Now Talking about the few good things in the movie, firstly, this is a tamil movie and i dont have to depend on other guys translating the dialogues for me. Vadivelu’s comody, even though he has done the same thing in a lot of earlier movies was much beter than bababa which you see in telugu.

In the scene when Nasar talks about his son to Prakash Raj, Vijay even while taking his oath, comes unshaved. Even in telugu, Mahesh babu comes with long hair. (I was in NCC for three years. So I can identify these things beter)

As a whole, in this movie, Vijay has tried to imitate what Mahesh Babu has done and he has failed miserably. Vijay’s rugged looks dont suit that. Asin has unnecessariy tried to immitate Illeyana. We guys like her for what she is and not for what she has tried to imitate. She should try more to be herself in the future movies and she shouldn’t do the same stupid dance steps which she has done in this movie.

I think the standard of Tamil movies has become worse than that of the Telugu movies ! And it is high time tamil movies should take a revival and procede on to a new path. The audience should support good movies and the movies which are heavily based on sex shouldnt be discouraged. I am just hoping to see nice movies in Tamil too and I am longing to feel the same pulse which I felt while watching Talapathi or Bombay.
I will certainly recommend you guys to watch the telugu version of Pokiri to celebrate the original movie.

PS: Comments have been disabled for this post, as most of the guys did nothing other than thrash talking the other language. I am a Tamilian. I was born and raised in Tamil Nadu. That does not mean that I disrespect other languages and hate other language movies. I have no problem with Tamil Industry as a whole, but I am seriously against remaking hit movies from other languages and spoiling the original. Unfortunately that has been the recent trend in Tamil movies. Producers and actors in Tamil industry have lost their guts to stand by themselves. I hope the golden age of Tamil cinema returns where in house stories became block busters and never seen before stories become the biggest hits.

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