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Posted by Joe on February 12, 2007

“Britney spears divorced Kevin Federline.”
“Bipasa Basu and John Abraham are about to break their affair.”
“Tom cruise and Katie Holmes had a fight after their reception.”

These kinds of events make into the head lines of the papers nowadays and we are very much inclined to know what Sania Mirza is doing other than playing tennis and about aishwarya and abhishek’s marriage.

By the way why do we want to know all these things? Aren’t these people just show persons who help us to pass our time when we have nothing beter to do?

But unfortunately we people as spectators are not as professional as we should be. If we are, we should have liked Venus Williams beter than Sania Mirza and should have cheered when Sachin gets out by a beautiful ball bowled by Shoaib Akthar.

But These things doesnt happen.

This is due to the fact that  we human beings are not robots. We treat these celebraties as some one we know personnaly instead of treating them just as show persons. We notice more than what is neccessary. We want more information than what is termed as necessary. We always want to go over the cliff and to know what is at the next side. We always mix emotions with what we perceive.

So instead of enjoying the game of cricket or just listening to music, we are letting our emotions go free and are mixing patriotism and inborn urge with what we watch. This is why we are cheering for Indian cricket team and Sania Mirza. This is why we want to know what is going on in the personnel lives of Britney spears and Aishwarya rai.

So guys next time you watch these persons and are browsing through their personnel lives, remember – ‘You are not being professional :-)’


8 Responses to “Page 3”

  1. Charu said

    I agree and disagree wiht ur blog on several counts….first its true people are so very much interested in wt is happenign in others lives and its not restricted to celebs only….wats happening to the neighbor’s son or daughter…who is ging out with who in college….its just a vicarious pleasure people get out of others life….if its somehting good in theirs…it will be like damn…nothign like hat happens in my life and if its bad….its like wow…atleast i ddint do that….i read in a novel once probably prodigal daughter…i dont remember…the author wrote..something happens to the girl and everyone consoles the father saying its no big deal chill at the same time glad that it didnt happen to their kid…it si something like that…its not like people are sadists or anything…its just humna nature….for example…if somebody meets wiht an accident, u feel sorry for them but u cant help feelign thankful that it didnt happen to u or ur close friend etc…….gossip hardly spares anyone…so yes i still cant understand y celebs life hsud be a matter of public knowledge but then it is showbiz and people idolize the stars and websites flourish on that…its a chakravyuha…..u annot just break it…

    but when it comes to sports…dont u think it si more of a patriotism…int he sense u shdu watch the game for the love of it….thast true…u shud be able to appreacite shoiab’s bowling or venus’s shots but then there is nothing wrng with wishing that ur team won…its the same thing…..u r not any less of a professional if u suport indian cricket team or sania mirza but u just need to keep the bigger goal in mind…..

  2. jovind said

    Now the neighbours son and the class mate in college are known to you personnaly. So there is nothing wrong in worrying about what they are doing. Here my blog is about worrying about a person whom you dont know personnaly.

    In the second paragraph, you have infact supported what ever i have claimed in my post. My post says that instead of enjoying the game of cricket, you are mixing patriotism which is a personnal feeling and watching it.

  3. Charu said

    ok u wanna be all impersonal about everyone and everything in life…i dont think thats gonna be possible………and well i dont think people worry abt the neighbor and the class mate becuase they know them or care abt them…..some good/close friends, family friends yes….but otherwise its only unadulterated nosiness…nothing more….anyways i feel that u cant really be impersonal in watching cricket….people who really like the game will watch it no matter wat…..i see a lot of people were following world cup even after india didnt make it…..but then u cant help feeling man…y cudnt india make it……honestly, didnt u feel that…..and unless u can relate ot something, u cant enjoy it…..but a celebs private life is not the same as the enjoying sports……..wat i m saying is…there is nothing wrng in wanting sachin to do well in the match but wondeirng whether he has an affair or he got divorced etc is unnecessary….

  4. jovind said

    exactly.. so we converge to the same point

  5. vijay said

    Always kollywood is d best

  6. vijay said

    who wrote this article…stupid and waste fellow…go to hell

  7. lol said

    i lke telegu

  8. rahul said

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