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ICL and Indian cricket

Posted by Joe on August 27, 2007

I hope you guys read my blog about the status of Indian cricket and how it is mismanaged. I was hoping for BCCI to take up initiative action and do something for Indian cricket. Now, with the threat from ICL, that hope can soon become a reality. BCCI has increased the salary of players in the Ranji trophy matches and it has pledged the not so important states that more priority will be given to them in the near future and they have even promised lump sum of money for improving the infrastructure as a whole. Definitely it is a good thing for cricket and the shareholders of the game.

BCCI instead of blaming ICL for being in cricket domain for money, they should first see what they are doing in their own. Sharad Pawar, a pure politician is the head of BCCI. BCCI has spent almost all the money which they have got in the last year. Till now, no importance has been given to Ranji matches and it is an open secret that the team selection is heavily biased and filled with politics. They were not even able to make a correct decision in the selection of coach.

By the way the players in cricket are professionals. They are being paid to play. BCCI has time and again proclaimed that they are a private enterprise and the politicians can not interfere in its duties. They have confirmed their stand that the team from BCCI is representing India and that the Indian cricket team is not infact a government enterprise. Provided with all these cases, when the cricketers are given a better opportunity and when they are given a better pay package, why should they stick on to an age old tradition where they don’t have any hope of coming up? And practically why should they stick on to a place where they don’t have any future?

ICL will be definitely well managed than BCCI as it is being undertaken by a business man who is sure of what he is doing. ICL is getting support from West Bengal and Bihar. Soon ICL will get support from the major players of Indian cricket. Even our honorable railway minister Laloo Prasad has given his support for ICL and has said that the team from ICL and BCCI should compete against each other and the best cricketer should represent the country.

Even boxing has rival leagues like WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO. Chess had two rival organizations FIDE and CWC and currently it is unified. So having two rival organizations will be definitely for the betterment of cricket in India as a whole. Now it is up to the ICC to recognize ICL and make it as a prominent player in the subcontinent. Definitely ICL will bring up more talent and improve the quality of Indian cricket than what BCCI has managed to do till now.


2 Responses to “ICL and Indian cricket”

  1. Venkatesh said

    Nice blog dude!! (although i’d like to end that 34-not-32 in a different way ;))

  2. Joe said

    Thanks pal.. I will end my next love story in a more romantic way 😀

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