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Confessions of a Human Brain

My experiments with police station – II

Posted by Joe on October 1, 2007

He called our hero stupid.
Stupid???!!!! How dare he call our hero stupid? Even his teachers, parents, friends hasn’t called him stupid. Not even when he flunked a record 7 subjects out of the possible 8 in a single semester. They only called him careless, irresponsible fellow, who is slow in understanding things and with a lesser memory power. They even called him useless guy but never as stupid. So our hero was grossly insulted by having some one call him as stupid. He wanted to fight back in the normal way which the heroes normally do in the movies when they are insulted in movies.

He wanted to give a Bruce lee kick directly to the chin of the sub inspector and smash his jaw off. He wanted to give a punch squarely across the face of sub inspector and again smash his jaw off. He wanted to give an elbow again at the face of sub inspector and again smash his jaw off. And he wanted to do all these three things at the same time.

But with monstrous self control, our hero did nothing and he controlled his senses and uttered a paltry “Mind your words” to the sub inspector. Even his self control can’t control him from pointing his index finger towards the sub inspector.

The sub inspector was dumb founded for a minute. He was not able to believe what is happening before his eyes. A man is pointing his fingers at him!!!!! . That’s it. End of the story. He wanted to do all the things our hero wanted to do, but on the hero. As lots of guys were surrounding him, he kept his anger in control and told him to get into the patrol car. Our hero was still composed and he coolly went and sat inside the patrol car. His bag was taken as evidence.

Then, he called the person who got hit and the person who hit him to get into the police van. Unfortunately, as I had a French beard, he identified me easily and he pointed his index finger at me and asked whether I am the person who gave bumps. I gave a look as if I don’t care and just stood there without saying anything. Fortunately he thought that I was not the one who gave bumps by looking at my innocent face (:D) and he started searching for the person who gave bumps in the crowd. In the mean time, the mallus in our team surrounded the jeep and they pleaded him to let him free. But our sub inspector was not to be moved and he took our hero directly to B-2 police station, the first police station where I went into.

Now I should take some time to explain the police force in India. They first do the action part and after that do the talking part and finally do the reasoning part. Once my friend, who is an Inspector’s son was buying black ticket in a theatre. A constable was on duty in that theatre and he caught him in action and he gave a hard slap to him, and asked him who he is. He told his name and told him that he is a son of an Inspector. Our constable asked him why he hasn’t told him before the slap.

So our hero is in a really grave situation now. We, his team mates made an action plan so that we can rescue our hero. The action plan is to go the police station, all of us together to prove our strength and to tell those cops that how much we like our hero and with united vigor, spirit and strength beg those cops to leave him free. Well we don’t have any other option rite.

So we went to the police station. The sub inspector was there and we again pleaded him to release our hero. All these things were happening inside the police station and I with some of my team mates were standing outside the same. I got really bored of missing all these actions and I boldly made one small step which the largest step is taken by me. I got into the police station to see what is going on inside.


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