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My experiments with police station – III

Posted by Joe on October 2, 2007

Our hero was standing in the corner and he was still maintaining his composure and he was giving a look as if he doesn’t care a damn about anything that is going on around him. Hero’s have to look in that way rite? So after some 10 minutes of non stop pleading and cajoling, the sub inspector lessened his stance and he told us that he can’t do anything now and the inspector of the police station has to come as he can’t leave a suspect free just like that. When our hero did become a suspect? Never mind. Even Rajini, the super star of Tamil film industry has been a suspect in a lot of movies. So continuing with the story, the sub inspector told us that our hero is indeed arrested and he cant leave him without a local guardian promising that he will be responsible incase our hero escapes out of Kerala without attending the court.

            This is real scene baby!!! So now our hero is properly screwed. We started our quest of finding the person who can be our guardian. The mallus in our team mate told the inspector that they can be the guardian of our hero and they can indeed release our hero and that they will be responsible for his actions. Then the sub inspector told us the biggest joke I have ever heard in my life. He declared that we are all indeed arrested too.

            Man I just wanted to see the whole show for myself. I never wanted to get arrested. By the way I have seen in English movies that they will recite the verses “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.” Don’t start praising my memory power. I just copied that statement from some web page in the net. You never thought I can remember that much right?

            OK continuing forward in our story, I was really dumb founded on hearing that. I should remind you guys that I am the one who indeed started the whole confusion. So I am really entitled to get arrested. But come on guys, you can’t get arrested for a friendly bumps rite. So to increase our stupefaction, a constable who was sitting there, told us to fill in all of our names and addresses. The first person obviously was our hero, followed by a mallu team mate of ours who was doing most of the talking. Then our PL and other guys in our project who were inside the police station followed suit. I ran through the ranks and entered my name in the middle so that I will not be singled out in any permutations and combinations.

            I don’t need to tell you guys that instead of my first name which is not a common name, I wrote just my last two names which are so common that if you stand in the middle of the market and swear some bad word followed by my name, you will get properly beaten up. I even showed myself too nerdy to the constable and asked him even doubts while filling forms under the assumption that if I show them as a really innocent guy, they will let me go.

            At that time, I found the reality of the situation we are in. Most of the cops were sitting idle trying to spend their time in some thing worth while. So as we have got caught, definitely they will try to make the most of us. More over working in a night shift is a boring job rite.

            So after a wait of around 1 hr, the inspector of the police station finally arrived. Our sub inspector narrated the whole story once again to him. The inspector looked like a respectable person. And I was even hoping that he will let us go with a stern warning. But alas. He asked the sub inspector why he hasn’t slapped our hero after he has pointed his finger at him. Doomed. All dark thoughts were running in my mind. May be they will lock us up, strip us to the briefs and beat us black and blue. May be they will send us to jail for at least three months. Or may be my cell phone is ringing.


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