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My experiments with police station – Final Part

Posted by Joe on October 3, 2007

Yes my cell phone is ringing. And as timing has it, it was my mom. Great timing mom!!!

“Where are you now?” was the first sentence which my mom asked.

Has she known about it? I mean I am not a popular person whose arrest is telecasted in all the news channels. If she comes to know that I am in a police station through a news channel, how come there is no reporter near by here? But come on, she in no possibility can know that I am in a police station. This must be a regular chat from my mom. May be she is verifying whether I am in a cinema hall or in my room.

“In my room why?” I replied as confidently as possible.

“Just asking” and after that she went on talking about our family members and lot of other trivial issues. I was scared that if any police man sees me over phone, they may think that I am not giving proper respect which they deserve and they can thrash me like a street dog. So I tried to cut the call in a smooth way possible, but it seemed that there is no chance of making the conversation short.

So I clung on to the phone for a several anxious minutes waiting for my mom to end the call and at the same time hoping for escaping from the ever watch full eyes of the police men.

So after many anxious minutes, the call ended in the natural way possible and fortunately no police officer noticed me. The next call I made to my room mates and told them the state I am in, so that in case if some thing happens to me, they as true friends can come an save me. They as true friends asked what they can do. I added one plus one and thought that they can become the guardians for all of us and told them to come to the police station.

            In the mean time, one of our team mates tried their relative who is a wife of the brother of a police constable in Trissur (some 250 km from Trivandrum) for our recommendation. The constable talked with her for some time and confirmed her that he will handle the matter in the smoothest way possible. In the mean time, my friends arrived in the police station. I took these guys to the constable and asked for our release against the confirmatory sign of my room mates. Then the constable stated the next rule for release. That is the guardian has to be a permanent resident of the circle where the police station is. Great going guys!!! Now I have complete belief in our judiciary system.

            My room mate suggested me to get the help of our neighbor who told us that he is an inspector. He has even told us once that we can ask his help when ever required. This is the utmost important thing which can come up for us during our stay in Trivandrum. So I thought of asking his help. But none of our room mates have seen him in any police uniform. He can be revenue inspector too. Or even an inspector of public toilets in Trivandrum. He can be any one. We don’t know him that much. I even had a bad story about my friend who received 6 slaps in his right cheek and 5 slaps in his left one for telling a police inspector that his dad is an inspector, not in police department but in tax department. So to be in safer side, I told this new proposal to the mallu team mate of mine who did the most of the talking with the police guys. He came up with a better plan. He called the head of our client in Trivandrum and asked for his help. Our client head indeed came for our rescue and he called the police station and promised them that indeed our hero won’t run away from responsibility and that he will stay in Trivandrum till his judgment gets over. But there was a problem here too. Now there is not a single suspect but a lot of suspects. All those guys who were inside the police station were culprits and a case has been filed against all of us. Only at that time, I came to know that a case can be filed just by filling your name and address. But our client head was valiant and he promised to be the god father of all the people who were stationed there at that time.

            So with the promise of a guardian, who is a respected one, our chances seemed much promising. But the constable threw the next surprise at us.

This guy is really playing with us for sure. He said that as all of us are booked, all of us should go to the court and pay some fine. Man this is too much. For simple bumps of mine, followed by the finger pointing business of our hero, you can’t send an entire team to court. And above that, we need to pay a fine too.

            So second round negotiations started and the constable finally settled to make the case only on our hero and he made the inspector and sub inspector to agree to the same.

A public nuisance case was filled against our hero and he was told to go to a court and pay up the fine. Our hero readily agreed and we were happy just to leave that place.


So the next day as expected, our hero accepted all the fault of his and paid the fine. So the important thing to note is that not all the police men take bribe and if you get struck up with a police man who doesn’t have anything to do to spend his time, better run away from him. And the last but not the least, I have not used any names in this story.


PS: Two weeks after the situation took place; I and our hero were standing in a bus stop. A patrol car similar to what we saw in this story drove past us in a slow speed. Our hero took two steps back.


Thanks and apology: Thanks for our hero who let me to write this story and sorry for my mom and my sis for telling some thing over my web page rather than directly telling that to you.


2 Responses to “My experiments with police station – Final Part”

  1. whoever said

    What English is ‘telecasted’ buddy?????? I would have thrown you into a locker and locked you up with a old grammar and English teacher. As long as you did not learn your spellings and English

  2. Joe said

    What is the problem with telecasted? enlighten me

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