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You must be joking

Posted by Joe on October 22, 2007

Time: June 15th 2013.

“Three spectators are arrested for Racial Discrimination in Chinnaswamy stadium, Banglore. They were caught in the camera scratching their armpits in unison, which is found to be racially discriminating for the Pakistani players. The spectators were kept in Koramangala Police station and latter released on bail.”

With the pace Racial activists are acting, a news like this can occur in the near future. Seriously, I think soon in future, they will apply racism with everything, like Racist faculty who did racism by stopping a student just because he is taller than him,  or a Racist doctor who refused to touch the patient because the patient is not from the same sex.

The spectators who were caught doing Racial discrimination did that just because Symonds is from the opponent team. They would have done the same even if India is having white people instead of brown ones.

Now the biggest comedy is with the Afro-Americans of USA. There, calling a person Afro-Americans is not racism, but calling them Negro is. This leaves me thinking what would have happened if they have started calling those guys as Afro-Americans first.


7 Responses to “You must be joking”

  1. Joe said

    Its seems almost every one is accepting that what they have seen is infact racial discrimination. Are they right and I am wrong?

  2. beatrice said

    hai i think its the australians not the pakistani players

  3. Joe said

    I have said that the time is 2013. I have written about what will happen in the future.

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  5. sandrar said

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