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Posted by Joe on October 25, 2007

Literally, when the goal is accomplished, then it is called as success, and a person with a history of success is termed successful.

Going with the literary definition, lets us consider the example of a beggar, who gets 100 rupees consistently every day. His aim is to get alms and he is consistently getting the same. Through the literary definition, he is infact successful.

But does the society accept him successful?

The answer is a big NO.

Here I come to the cream of this post which I have intended to write. I want to know what success mean in the eye of the society.

Every one wants to be successful and wants to be recognized as a successful person in the society too. If a college student wins the heart of the most beautiful girl in that college, he has succeeded in his aim of winning the girl’s heart and is also considered as a successful person by his fellow mates.

Now let us come to the basic question. How can we measure success in life? or framing the question in other words, how can we term a person to be a successful person?

The question is not as simple as it sounds. If we keep just money as the criteria for evaluation, then we will have to term Jesus Christ as unsuccessful. If we keep power as the criteria for evaluation, then socrates didnt have any power in the politics. Now wait a minute. Why am I saying that Jesus Christ and Socrates are successful? If I say that the answer as they made their names into history books, then what can I say about Adolf Hitler or Judas. They are clearly not successful in their life. Even though Hitler ruled almost one half of the world, no one calls him successful.

Lets Forget the historical personalities. Now in normal life, a software engineer is called as a successful person in his life. This is mainly due to the salary he is drawing from his company. Then think about a baron, who is a millionaire by birth. No one calls him successful if he is a lazy bum. Will any one call a son of, say Mukesh Ambani, if he ends up as a software engineer in Wipro?

Nobody does, and this question does gives an important answer.

The society is made up of lot of virtual levels. If you climb up to the next level in the society, then you are successful. Definitely the people who are in the level above you will not recognize your success. But the people who are in your or below your level will recognize you as a successful person.

Success is comparative.

So if a beggar gets a steady income by working as a night watchman, then he is a hero in his society.


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  1. anu said

    hai this one is very nice

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