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Terrorism or is it??

Posted by Joe on December 1, 2008

The terrorist by ripping through the heart of Mumbai have created ripples through out the whole world. Definitely what the terrorist have done is a condemnable act. But I have posted this post not to go with the crowd by saying how admonishable things the terrorist have done to innocent civilians and not just doing plain bashing as is the protocol after any major terror strike in India. I want to go to the root of terrorism. What is terrorism why we have and terrorism?

These are the basic questions which must have arisen in the minds of almost each and every Indian in act of the recent terror strikes, but these thought would not have entered their main stream of thoughts mainly because of the emotions which overwhelm our thoughts. So let us dive deep into the main questions which have to be asked about terrorism.

For the most basic question what is terrorism, till now, there is no concrete answer. As a matter of fact, even UN is not sure about what terrorism is. Instead of going for anything academical, let us describe terrorism as a group of people which induces a feeling of terror in another group of people.

All the groups whom, we Indians call as terrorist can be easily explained using this assumption. But this assumption is grossly false as Russia induced the same feeling of terror in the hearts of each and every American during the cold wars and right now, America is doing the same in the minds of the Middle East. And as critics put it, a terrorist of one state is a freedom fighter of another state, as in Bhagat singh of India or LTTE of Srilanka, let us go away from this basic question of what is terrorism and let us move forward to the next basic question, why we have terrorism.

The second question is of more importance than the first one, as it can have some hints with which we can solve the problem of terrorism and thus ensuring the peace of mind for the majority of the population. Talking about the majority of the population, we can say that any organization is called as a terrorist organization if that organization is comparatively smaller than the group which it is acting on. For example, take the case of the most famous terrorist organization in the world right now – Al-Queda. They are significantly smaller when compared to the might of Americans, but still they are able to inflict terror in the minds of Americans. So may be we can explain the question of what, if we can explain the question why in the popular context.

Now, at least in the contemporary context, terrorism occurs because of the inability to come out in the open and fight against the larger force. The best example will be that of ETA, who fought for Basque in Spain. Initially, they marked the big officials and those officers who are tough on the Basque people. But as the reply from Spain was mainly iron hand, they restorted to easy picks, like killing as many Spanish nationals as possible. Their reason – teaching Spain the same lesson they have been taught.

This has been the case in almost all the terrorist organizations. Let it be in lawless Somalia or in Afghanistan or in Iraq. The story remains the same. Innocent blood has been spilled and it can be cured only by spilling another innocent blood. Stupid assumption for sure, but for people who are filled with emotions, these conclusions seems to be the most satisfactory.

I am not saying that India is the culprit for making these terrorist attacking India and I am not saying that India has not done any atrocities in Kashmir as seen by Kashmir people. Fault might have been in both the sides as is the case of most of the occurrences. The simple assumption which any one makes is that, as the terrorist organization is comparatively small, they can be easily smashed like a fly, if the opposing power is really powerful. But time and again, it has been proved that the smaller size has given mobility and adaptability to the terrorist organizations and they almost always manage to skip through the gaps present between the fingers.

Considering all these facts, I feel that, the best way to tackle terrorism will be by considering terrorist as human beings and try to find out what has driven them towards terrorism and trying to rehabilitate their life so that they will not think about taking the life of a terrorist. Even a deadly cobra attacks only when it is provoked to do so. If provided with the basic amenities, the terrorist, whom we think equivalent to cobra, will be more than happy to do their own job than to kill others and also themselves.

This might not be the total solution as there are some fanatics out there, who will not stop till the other side is completely demolished. But still, this might be a small beginning towards the right direction.


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