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Slum DOG!!!! Millionaire

Posted by Joe on February 24, 2009

A lot of discussions has happened about the recent movie which swept through the oscars the slumdog millionaire. Resting aside the controversies about the selection including the sidelining of movies like dark knight, the dark horse has finally made it to the center stage.

Now the main controversy surrounding the movie was that it put India in bad light.

Indians have been trying to come out of the stereotype the west had and has about India. Grouping the whole of India as under-developed and struggling for basic living has been the norm of the west. But the point to be noted now is whether the movie will really emphasis the above said fact on the minds of world population.

Personally, I feel that the movie has done more than its fair share of damaging India’s reputation in the world. Even though the movie was definitely watchable and though can be neither categorized as a pop corn movie or as a serious flick, the movie has done what Godfather has done to sicilians or Discovery channel has done to Africa.

I mean, I thought all the guys in Sicilly are warlords.

Same is the case with people of Africa, and I thought even many think that most of the Africans are skinny.

By centralizing the anti Indian tales at the center of debate time and again, definitely the reputation which India is trying to build using India shining campaign or using any other campaign is bound to fall.


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