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From Mumbai to Lahore

Posted by Joe on March 3, 2009

I stayed out of the Mumbai attack because I was pretty angry at that time. Angry at the sterile government which we have at the center and obviously at the terrorists who held Mumbai hostage for days.

Now they have done a high profile stunt, again, but this time in our neighbour Pakistan. This attack is short and sweet and I am sure this will create as much uproar as it did for Mumbai attacks. Even parallels have started to rise between Munich massacare and what has happened in Lahore.

Leaving behind the emotions behind this attack and think with a bit of rational mind, we can see a faint pattern in the attacks. As in any crime commited against any one, the main thing which we have to find is the person or organization who performed the attacks and the person or organization which is behind the attacks. Sitting before a computer in some part of the world which is noway connected to Lahore, it will not be possible for us to find out who are behind/performed the attacks. But we can atleast speculate who might have carried the attacks.

The first thing which we have to see is to find who will profit by the attacks. Unfortunately through Lahore attacks, many organizations will get profit.

The first obvious candidate is the terror organizations which are based in Pakistan. Pakistan for time immemorial has acted with the terror organizations with double face. Post 9/11, they have somewhat done more harm than good to the terror organizations due to the apparent involvment of the terror organizations based in Pakistan with Al-Queda. So this could have been used as a lesson by the terror organizations to teach Pakistan what the effect will be if Pakistan side too much with what they call infiedels. They can show Pakistan who is the boss by hitting in the bulls eye and hurting where it hurts the most.

The next candidate is LTTE. They have been almost forced to extinction in Srilanka and we can read in the recent news that the top tier of LTTE is trying to escape Srilanka so as to set up camp some where else in the world. So by attacking the Srilankan cricket team, they can some what vent out their frustation against Srilankan government. But this seems highly unlikely as LTTE is in pretty defensive mode right now and taking out organized assault of this magnitude in another country where they have been hardly talked of before seems highly improbable.

CIA/US comes next. Pakistan has historically been a close ally of US. But in recent times, they have started to think for themselves, which ofcourse have created ripples in US. So with this attack, they can show Pakistan that they are in desperate need of US protection and that the terror organizations are really dangerous and if they think for themselves, they might be alienated.

The final and the candidate which has profitted a lot through this attack is India.. Yes. Our home country has been trying to project Pakistan in bad light for the time immemorial. They have been shouting against the terror organizations for quite a long time. Till the Mumbai terror attacks, those voices have fallen on deaf ears and nothing has been ever done against the terror organizations. With the Mumbai attacks, India has been portraied all over the world as the worst hit victim of terror attacks and that some thing has to be done against the terror organizations. But the heat generated by Mumbai attacks has not risen up much and it is almost going to fade with Pakistan doing nothing material against the organizations inside Pakistan. So with this attack, India can show the world that these terror organizations are very strong and that they have to be erradicated. They can also show the world that Pakistan is incompetent to govern itself and that the world should force Pakistan to do as India wishes Pakistan to do. A nice story indeed, but I hope this is not the case.

Personally, I feel the attacks have been done by the terror organizations which are based inside Pakistan. Recently, few top leaders of Pakistan based organizations have been either arrested, or kept in house arrest. More over the terror organizations are dead against Pakistan leaning towards US policies. So this could be the harsh leason to teach Pakistan that they fill burn their hand if they try to poke the terror organizations.

Till more so called investigations are complete in Pakistan, we can’t say for sure who are responsible for the attack. Definitely Pakistan will direct all its attention against India for sure. They will definitely point at the physical proximity of Lahore to India. What ever the result turns out to be, the TV channels can fill their time with yet another attack for weeks to come.


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