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Results finally

Posted by Joe on May 17, 2009

Finally the much awaited results for the Lok Sabha elections are out. And man.. What a result that is. I couldn’t have expected for a better result than this.
I have always thought that India is deeply divided on the communal and religious fronts, and the people never look out of the small boundaries that they are in. This election too proves that fact, but in a slightly different way. The people are now after development in the small boundaries that they live in. They don’t want to vote for some one just for the sake that they are from the same caste or from the same religion.

The election mandate in UP and Bihar is a clear indication of this trend. The people have given a clear verdict to Laloo and his clan, who ruled over Bihar for decades together and made Bihar the second rate state in the whole of India. The same is the case of UP, where Mayawati’s chief campaigning was to vote for her and make her PM because she is a dalit. These politicians never gave any promises, but dwelled upon their caste and community. From now on, may be they will atleast try to give something back to the community where they are from.

Left, living in a bygone past have been given a rude awakening to the things of the present.

But there are some setbacks too. I seriously wanted MK Alagiri to loose in Madurai. He is no more than an organized goon. By his victory, he will enter the National stage and will definitely harm the Indian politics more. I wanted a single party to have a majority than to have a coalition, as it will pave way for a stronger prime minister. Even though no one could question the determination of our prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh after the way he handled nuclear deal, a single party majority would have been better.


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