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The king of pop is dead

Posted by Joe on June 26, 2009

Finally the king of pop is dead.michael-jackson

Wow!! what a career. His transformation from the coolest guy whom every one wanted to imitate to the butt of all jokes is really mind blowing.

He must have seen it all. From being a child prodigy to a pop sensation and then to almost being bankrupt! He has been called as a girl, a guy and a pedophile. He showed the world how plastic surgery could ruin your life and that you should be happy with what you have.

He taught the world to run away, instead of to stand and fight (Beat it). Even though he transformed himself from black to white, he shouted to the whole world that It don’t matter if you are black or white. He even made some revolutionary songs, singing “All I want to say that they don’t really care about us”. His single Billy Jean topped the charts for record number of weeks.

He taught us moon walk, and the whole world wanted to dance like him.

He definitely entertained the audience through out the world. Through his music, or through his controversies.

Even though he is king of pop, he has lived a rock star’s life.

I bid adieu with respect, the one and only king of pop – Michael Joseph Jackson. May your soul rest in peace.


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Chak de Pakistan

Posted by Joe on June 22, 2009

afridi pakistanWell finally, our friendly foe has won the world cup.

From being called as retards by an author in TOI from the beginning of the world cup, they have gone forward to win the world cup. Spectacular turn around indeed.

So with my full heart, I congratulate them on this spectacular win.

They are the team who badly wanted to win the world cup. They were being pressured from all sides. Both from inside and out, democratic and military, Social and economical.

Lets just hope that this world cup victory brings them at least short term happiness to the minds of the people of Pakistan.

PS: There is many similarities between the movie and the performance of Pakistan in T-20.Β  In the movie, India was convincingly beaten by Australia, whom they meet again in the final. In T-20, Pakistan was convincingly beaten by Srilanka whom they meet again in the final.

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Problem with racism

Posted by Joe on June 10, 2009

racismI have serious problems with racism.
Mainly because I really dont understand it.
Seriously. I have tried to understand hell lot of times.
Every time I thought
‘Now I know racism’,
something new pops up.

For example, let us consider that a girl is really beautiful.
If you go and tell her
“You are beautiful and you look like a lovely Rose”,
then definitely that can be called as racism.
Confused? I will explain why.
That girl might be from Himachal, and that girl might be having a milky white skin and perfect teeth and crisp nose and so on and on. Guess you guys got the flow.
So definitely she is an Aryan.
So I am calling her beautiful because she is Aryan.

This is definitely racism, as we all know Nazi’s are called racist, as they said aryans are the most beautiful, brilliant, strong and blah blah blah in the whole world.
If you think that is not racism, then how do you explain Harbhajan Singh calling Symonds a Monkey racist? (Maa ki *** was not considered racist and it was OK)
It is not a big secret that Symonds looks ugly. I dont understand how calling him ugly and saying that he is looking like a monkey is considered to be discriminating his Aboriginal race and calling his mom names, who I think is also Aboriginal is not considered discriminating the same Aboriginal race?

I seriously dont understand it.

By the way I have been called racist twice.
I dont understand why I was called racist both the times.

The first time was when my friend completed his maiden marathon and he updated his pic in Orkut. He was having a french beard like I am having right now, and he looked like an Afro American (This is not considered racist). So I told him that you are looking like a Nigger. He told me not to use the N word, as it is considered racist.
Now my problem is that, I learned this word from the same Afro Americans through their Rap songs. I dont understand how the same word, when told by some one from their community is not considered racist, and infact those songs are telecasted all over the world, and if some one who is not an Afro American says the same word, he is called as racist. By the way we should not call Afro Americans black. Because if you call them black, it is considered racist. But I feel Afro Americans is a more racist word than calling them blacks or Niggers. This is because you are telling them that you are from Africa and thats why you are looking like this.

Some how, moving forward, I did my MTech from IIT Guwahati. And it is a common term to call the people of north east as Chinki. But only recently I came to know that that is also derogatory, as one of my friend got upset because of calling a person from North East Chinki. My problem is that my best friend is from Assam and I regularly call him Chinki. He never had any issues with that. So only after one guy got hurt because of an innocuous Chinki comment, I came to know that I have been racist for the past three years. Now my problem is, if I call a person from Tamil nadu tamilian should be called racist. But no one is even thinking of terming that as racist, as we even have a famous saying in tamil ‘Tamilan endru sollada, talai nimirnthu nillada’, which literally translated, denotes something like ‘Call yourself Tamilian and stand with your head held high’. That is definitely racism. But nobody calls it so. But when you call a north east chinki, that is called as racism.

I seriously dont understand it.

I think racism comes out in most of the cases because the people are so sensitive and we dont have any idea when we will hurt their feelings. May be they were having some inferiority complex too. I think Racism is some thing to do with having prejudice about a person just because he is from some race.

But people dont think in that way.

Now we say the recent attacks on Indians in Australia racist. I dont think any of the attackers would have singled out the Great Khali, if he was caught alone.
Indians with soft muscles and smaller build were soft targets and thats why they were picked. I think the attackers, given a chance would have picked Australians, provided they were having soft muscles and smaller build.

I seriously dont understand it.

If any one did understood what racism means and how the recent events are considered racist, please do enlight me.

Waiting for your replies πŸ™‚

PS: I already wrote a post about racism and even there, I was not able to understand racism.
PS: The photo is taken from here

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Rajini – The male Chauvinist

Posted by Joe on June 6, 2009

Rajinikanth, the superstar
Rajinikanth, the supreme hero
Rajinikanth, the people’s champ
Rajinikanth, the hero of the masses

Every one must have listened to atleast one of the above mentioned titles to the one and only superstar in tamil cinema.

I add one more title to him

Rajinikanth – the male chauvinist.

Rajini, as we commonly call him, came into tamil cinema with a bang through Balachander’s Apporva Ragangal. That movie, when released, was appreciated both by the critics and general public as a classic and it rightly deserves so. The film, which is about a old lady falling for a young guy and vice versa, was heavily based on feminist theme.

From that film, he improved his screen presence from hardly 10 minutes to the main villain in Moondru Mudichu and finally the single hero in Billa. By 1991, when Thalapathy was released, he was having a cult following.

The crowd lived the dream of Rajinikanth, a guy with average looks and dark complexion fighting against the evil Thasildars and romancing with heroins with milky white skin. Rajini kanth was performing all the suppressed longings of the common man.

Some where down the line, he must have realized that, the number of male chauvinist heavily outnumber the number of feminist. So he started living the male chauvinistic dream. More recently so than during his struggling times.

Consider his movie Mannan (1992), the most chauvinistic film I have ever seen in my life. In that movie, Vijashanti, the CEO of the No.1 company in the whole of India was made to be a house wife, as our hero is just a mechanic working in the same company.

You can see in all of his movies that he never looses a bet or a fight to a girl. Consider Pandian for example, where he wins a dance bet against the heroin.

In his movie Veera, he played a guy with two wives, and thus again playing the chauvinistic dream of having two wives.

The movie Padayappa became famous, just for the scenes between Ramya Krishnan and Rajinikanth, with the common man hurling obscenities towards Ramya Krishnan. Rightly in the climax, Ramya Krishnan gets her fitting end. The movie even has a scene where Rajnikanth preaches how a girl should be.

Chandramuki had him teasing the hapless Nayantara and Sivaji had him searching for the proper tamil girl – a girl in pavadai thavani.

Most of his movies never gave any importance to the female lead and even if equal importance is given, they were somewhere subdued in their character.

Instead of living the dream of a chauvinist, if he acts in more movies like Valli, definitely it be of big help to the gentler sex and will help them to break free of the conventions which are binding them down.

PS: Valli became a huge flop.
PS: The pic is taken from here.

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Che Guevara from a Capitalist viewpoint

Posted by Joe on June 3, 2009

che-guevara-portrait-5001050One of the few things which I have pinned in my cubicle is the iconic portrait of Che Guevara looking sternly away from you.

The reactions which I get after some one see this photo varies from “Is he Jesus Christ?” to “Are you a communist?”

This shows that many people have seen his pic, but have no idea who he is OR People think who ever likes him is a hard core communist.

For me, I was in the first category for a long long time. I have seen his pictures in T-shirts and have thought that those shirts are really cool. More over, being brought up in Madurai, the most communist city in the whole of Tamil Nadu, I was bound to see his T-shirts every where. But I didn’t care enough to enquire about who he is.
Every thing changed after I have seen the movie “Motorcycle Diaries”.
The movie opened the door about a person who didn’t care much about himself and felt the pain of others.

And with the advent of Internet and free download, I learned more about him.
This post is not about the characters of Che Guevara, but the characterstics in Che Guevara which I like. Better check the wiki page for Che Guevara to know more about this charismatic person.

Even though he is not a great military tactician or a financial wizard, the posts which has taken during his life time, the one thing which changes Che Guevara from all others is the spirit which he has shown in his actions. He believed in what he was doing, even though things were completely going on in the opposite direction (take struggle in Bolivia for instance).
By the way if you are still wondering about the topic of this post, the capitalist is me and it is used as a singular noun πŸ˜‰

I finish off this post with one of his most famous quote

β€œIt is better to die standing than to live on your knees.”
For Spirit – Che Guevara

PS: Photo is taken from here

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