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Che Guevara from a Capitalist viewpoint

Posted by Joe on June 3, 2009

che-guevara-portrait-5001050One of the few things which I have pinned in my cubicle is the iconic portrait of Che Guevara looking sternly away from you.

The reactions which I get after some one see this photo varies from “Is he Jesus Christ?” to “Are you a communist?”

This shows that many people have seen his pic, but have no idea who he is OR People think who ever likes him is a hard core communist.

For me, I was in the first category for a long long time. I have seen his pictures in T-shirts and have thought that those shirts are really cool. More over, being brought up in Madurai, the most communist city in the whole of Tamil Nadu, I was bound to see his T-shirts every where. But I didn’t care enough to enquire about who he is.
Every thing changed after I have seen the movie “Motorcycle Diaries”.
The movie opened the door about a person who didn’t care much about himself and felt the pain of others.

And with the advent of Internet and free download, I learned more about him.
This post is not about the characters of Che Guevara, but the characterstics in Che Guevara which I like. Better check the wiki page for Che Guevara to know more about this charismatic person.

Even though he is not a great military tactician or a financial wizard, the posts which has taken during his life time, the one thing which changes Che Guevara from all others is the spirit which he has shown in his actions. He believed in what he was doing, even though things were completely going on in the opposite direction (take struggle in Bolivia for instance).
By the way if you are still wondering about the topic of this post, the capitalist is me and it is used as a singular noun πŸ˜‰

I finish off this post with one of his most famous quote

β€œIt is better to die standing than to live on your knees.”
For Spirit – Che Guevara

PS: Photo is taken from here


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