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Posted by Joe on July 3, 2009

Has it ever happened to you that you will listen to the same song again again, some times even for the whole day, and the very next day, you will be so irritated with the song that you might even delete that song from your iPod!!

You might not delete the song from your iPod per se, because you might not be having an iPod in first place ;). Even if you are having an iPod, you might not do anything dramatic, but end up yelling at any one who is listening to the same song to turn that thing off.

Not just about songs, even food items could come into the same category. You might be dying to eat halwa that you might finish off a whole kg of it, and end up taking an oath, never to touch halwa ever again in your life.

This can apply to sports, games,travel, movies, books and what not?

You might not be bored in a single day, but may be in a week or a month.

Why do we overdo/overuse stuff till we get bored of it?
Why can’t we just tell ourselves that OK, this is enough for today, we will save it for tommorow?
Why do we have this compulsion to get/do everything right here right now?

If you guys have got answers to any of the above questions, please do tell me.
‘cos I am in the same group, who have been bitten by this compulsion bug.

PS: I don’t have an iPod :D.
For those who didn’t understand the title, it is taken from a lyrics of Rajini’s Chandramukhi.


3 Responses to “Repeatu”

  1. Nice!

  2. May be people overusing non-critical things like iPod for instance and getting bored out of it is good. It would create a need for innovation and more job opportunity. šŸ™‚
    But there are somethings that people overuse and never get bored of; like energy, water, etc. That “we will save it for tomorrow” mentality needed in these.

  3. Joe said

    We don’t use energy and water directly.. May be water yes.. For energy, we use it through means like TV and Refrigerator, and we get bored of them, indirectly getting bored of that means of energy. For water too, you may get bored of taking bath using a mug and bucket and may go for a Jacuzzi or bath tub. So the basic necessities to changes and are not constant.

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