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Air travel

Posted by Joe on July 6, 2009

I know. I know.. Lot many people have written their posts about the same topic.
Well with this post, I too join the group of bloggers who have written a post about how they used to love Aeroplanes and how they hate it now.

When I was a kid, I, like any other kid in India, used to run out of their home, or stop playing cricket if we are already outside, and raise our heads to have a look at the mighty aeroplanes cruising through the sky. While we were kids, we even had our industrial visit to an aerodrum, and we were awed to see that big monster from a distance. Almost each and every kid opened their mouth with wonder when they saw the aeroplane taking off from the runway. We followed the silver stream of mist, which was left as a trail for jet flights, and flying in an aeroplane or atleast touching it was definitely one of the wish each and every kid had at that time.

Personally, I was pretty awed when I took the flight for the first time. I was on the phone, constantly updating my mom how the interiors of the plane looked, and after landing, called her again to brief my experiences of my first flight. It was such a roller coaster ride.

After 3-4 flights, the jerk given during take off and the impact of landing stopped amusing me. Watching large buildings transform from large buildings to kid’s toys too didn’t entertained me any further. I stopped telling my mom how the world looks from a plane, and other than a small short call telling her that I have reached safely and that the pilot has not screwed up with the landing, I didn’t elaborate on anything else.

Now with 25+ flights under my belt (whew), I hate the waiting time in the airport and I hate the fake smile provided by the hot air hostess. I hate the same old rehearsals done by the air hostess and I hate the horrible food they provide in the middle of nowhere. The small cramped seats, missed baggage, security checkup too didn’t help me either. The thing which I hate the most in the air travel is the fellow passengers.

It is really easy to start a conversation with a fellow passenger, provided you are in a train. But in a flight, most of the guys will be indifferent. Indian girls normally show some attitude. In a flight, the attitude gets multiplied with the altitude.

Still there are some good things with air travel.

The sunrise and sunset which you see from some 10km above the sea level is still exciting. The view of the hills when you take a flight from Kolkata to Guwahati is still enticing. The sea line which you can see when you come take the Kolkata-chennai route is still beautiful. You get to talk with some CEOs and general managers of big companies only if you are taking a flight.

So as a whole, even if you hate air travel, it has become indispensable part of our lives. Travel to UK or US is a matter of hours than weeks because of air travel. You get to have a glimpse of the fake world (fake smiles, fake good food, fake courtesy and fake people) when you travel by a plane.

So do travel by plane if you get a chance 😉


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