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A Robot’s love – Chapter 1

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

“I am T2000, the emotional robot at your service” beamed the latest addition to the old age home.

The world has become so fast and so advanced that the present generation forgot how to show love to the older generation. They have thought that they can replace what they are not able to give by some intelligent robot, which can understand the human emotions and give out the same.

Even though with the way at which the world is going on, a piece of metal like T2000 should be obsolete within a single generation, as things like love and compassion has almost left the world.

Leaving the outer world behind, let us enter this world of old age home.
T2000 has been in the old age home for that past 1 year.
It has the ability to take any name and any personality the owner wants it to take

But unfortunately in a old age home, no body is knowledgeable enough to configure it to its optimum performance.
More over no one in the old age home cared about his performance.
The default settings seemed to be good enough for them.
They talked with the robot when they didn’t have anything else to do – which was almost always, and they found the inbuilt stories which were preloaded in the robot amusing.

As T2000 had inbuilt capacity to remember the stories which the old people told it, and recite them at the appropriate time, soon the members in the old age home forgot that T2000 is a robot and started considering it as one of them – human.

After an year, T2000 sounded to them much similar to Paul, Harry or Tom.

Still, they felt that T2000 is not as old as them, as it can move faster and smoother than any one else in the old age home. Even though it can be programmed to behave like a old person, nobody knew how to do, or in better case, nobody wanted it to behave like a old person.

“You should enjoy your life to the fullest when you still have time” sighed Donald, the oldest person in the home after the demise of his best friend Pauline.
“I don’t know what you are doing in a old age home, with half rotten bodies. Your life is out there in open.”
“But I like to be with you guys” interrupted T2000.

“I know I can walk out any time I want and have fun and come back. But I think it is more fun to be with you guys than being there in the open” added T2000.

“What have you seen in your life? Have you been outside the country? have you learned a new language which you have no idea of? have you seen a new culture and wondered the complexities and beauties associated with it?”

“I might not have done any of it. But still I am like a bee in the middle of a flower garden. Why should it ever try to go out of it? It knows that its life is in there and that is what it wants through out its life.”

“Have you ever been in love?” asked Donald completely out of sync of what they were talking.

Even though T2000 has a good processing speed, it was stumped at this sudden question.

It can understand what love is. But in its default program, it has never been in love.
After some consideration, “I don’t think so” was its timid reply.

“You don’t think so? it should be either a simple yes or a simple no.”

“Then I don’t think I have been in love ever in my life” replied T2000.

For the first time in its comparatively long life in the old age home, T2000 was feeling a bit uneasy.

Normally, they talk about the love life of the inmates, but never about itself. May be they were under the consideration that as T2000 is a robot, it could not have got a love life.

But alas!! Donald has forgotten that T2000 is a robot. Even though almost every one has forgotten the same fact, Donald has almost taken this off from the back of his mind.

At an age when not having an Alzheimer is considered to be an abnormal event, Donald forgetting that T2000 is a robot should not have been unusual.

“You should go out and get some girl for yourself” beamed Donald.
“Fall in love, raise a family, work for them though out your life, only to end up in a place where your family is sure to come only once you die.”
T2000 knew that this is how Donald wants to end his argument. Some how in a melancholic tone. So it quietly rose from the chair in which it was sitting till them and was moving without a motive in the long corridors of the old age home.

It was not able to process the new information Donald has given it to him as it normally processes the information.

The romantic part of its code was still not enabled and it found it hard to correlate the things which Donald said just now.

The only result which it got from the web and wiki was strong affection and attraction, and through out the web, he was not able to find a definition which was sharp and crisp in a way it could consume.

As it has found out that if you have a strong sexual attraction and attachment, then you are in love, it tried to work on that. But unfortunately, being a robot, and being set to its defaults, it didn’t know how a sexual attraction will be, lest strong sexual attraction. It already had attachment to all the inmates in the house. So attachment was not new for it. Shiny skin, sleek body and beautiful face were all attributed to the physical attraction.

Unable to correlate his inputs properly, and half in self exhaustion from over heating of its components, it found the object of its desire – a silver tea spoon right in the side of the corridor, possibly dropped by one of the absent minded inmates.

But unfortunately, that tiny little silver spoon was able to satisfy all the qualities T2000 was searching for. It was shiny and was sleek. Some how the T2000’s program found the spoon very attractive. It has seen spoons before, but it also know that love comes in an instance and you can never know when it occurs to you.

So slowly, the T2000 bent down and took the spoon in its hands. It hugged it softly till time immemorial.


2 Responses to “A Robot’s love – Chapter 1”

  1. Ganeshbabu said

    office la vela illanu nenaikirein….. anyway story nalla irrukku… good try… innum unkitta irrunthu neraya yethir pakurein…

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