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A Robot’s love – Chapter 2

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

“It has gone mad”

“It is just a robot you see”

exclaimed the inmates of the house when T2000 broadcasted its love to the inmates of the house.
Even Donald told him that he has gone crazy.

In the mean time, T2000 named his lady love Rosie. The name occurred to him out of nowhere.

T2000 was unable to understand the latest changes in the house. Every one was encouraging T2000 to fall in love and now, they are against his own love!!

Donald took a different spoon in his hand and asked “Are you in love with this spoon?”
T2000 replied a simple and stubborn “No” because he know that the spoon in Donald’s hand is not Rosie.

“This spoon looks similar to what you have in your hand right?”
“Might be, but I am not in love with that spoon in your hand, but with Rosie.”
“What if I mix your Rosie with 1000 of other spoons? Will you be able to find out your Rosie from the mix?”
“When I see Rosie, my heart will tell me that it is Rosie” beamed T2000.
Donald ended the conversation saying “Let God save you my child”

Similar to normal lovers, T2000 and Rosie spent hours together. Even though it was a one sided conversation, T2000 just accepted the fact that Rosie is dumb. He learned to love the negatives of Rosie. The inmates tried to reason him, cajole him and force him to come out of his infatuation which is no way realistic or sane. But T2000 just sticked on to Rosie.

Remembering his conversation with Donald about mixing up of Rosie with objects similar to her, he never ever went into hibernation again. He remained in powered on state through out the day, talking with and spending time with Rosie. The occasional glint which Rosie gave to him was good enough for him to hold on to Rosie. Even though all the spoons reflect light in the same way, he felt that only Rosie can talk with him in this way. He was totally in love with Rosie.

Sam and Leslie are a old couple in the home. They have been together for the past 62 years, and married for the past 56 years. They are one of the few people who didn’t need the services of T2000. But now, they were kind of irritated with the talk going on through out the old age home about T2000 and his new love. Even though their experience told them that all talks will come to and end and the old people will definitely find some other topic to talk about, they wanted to end the stupidity which T2000 has got himself into.
May be they were a bit concerned about T2000 too, but didn’t want to accept that fact out in the open.

So one fine morning, almost 2 weeks after T2000 has found his lady love, they went and sat next to T2000.
As usual, T2000 was holding Rosie in his hand.

“Will you introduce your lady love to us?” started Leslie.
“Sure. Rosie meet Sam and Leslie and this is my girl friend Rosie”
“Rosie is not saying hi to us!!” frowned Sam.
“No No she wants to tell hi to you two. But unfortunately Rosie can’t speak”
“She cant speak! OK then how you communicate with her?” added Sam.
“You see she smiles at me at times and I have just started teaching her how to speak.”
“She smiles at you?? Is she smiling now?” said Sam in a satirical tone.

Unfortunately for the innocent T2000, it was not able to find out the satire in Sam’s voice, even though it was programmed to find out the same.

“I will check right now” said T2000 and she turned Rosie inside out and outside in.
But as the room was quite dark, Rosie was not able to reflect any light to show the glint of her emotion.

While T2000 was trying real hard making Rosie speak, the couple gently rose from the seat while Sam added “Teach her some language which even we can understand.” and walked slowly out of the room.

Even though the old couple were walking at their regular pace, it seemed like eons for T2000. It was ashamed of himself and Rosie. He thought Rosie lacked the basic manners. No No. she has the same, but she is not able to express herself properly.

“I will definitely make her learn the simplest of the languages” promised T2000 to himself.


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