White Noise

Confessions of a Human Brain

A Robot’s love – Chapter 3

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

3 more weeks passed while T2000 was trying to make Rosie learn the basic of phonemes and phonetics.
But unfortunately Rosie was not able to comprehend what T2000 was trying to teach her.
In the mean time, the inmates were considering the option of bringing a doctor or a software technician for T2000 to make him right.
Just like talking to their youngest grandson, they gently came and talked with him about getting help to correct his condition.
But T2000 was not able to understand the problem which was with him.
It was getting more and more irritated. The lack of sleep – neither in form of hibernation or shut down didn’t help the situation either.

Finally, out of the blue, T2000 threw off his lady love – his first love with its mightiest force. The whole of the old age home stood still for a moment. Every one stopped their gossips and looked at T2000 standing empty handed. There was a pin drop silence till the echo of the cling sound made by Rosie faded.

Then with a huge cry which none of the inmates have ever seen in their lives, T2000 flung itself on Rosie, and apologized to it in all the ways possible. The inmates of the old age home called its doctor then and there, who just laughed at listening to T2000’s story. Still they said they will come to the old age home within a week to reconfigure T2000 to a more stable state.

T2000 was in huge distress. He has hurt his lady love. He has seen one of his feelings which he has never seen before falling in love – uncontrolled rage. He was ashamed of himself. Then and there, an idea came to his mind. He has once seen a pendulum clock. The pendulum reminded him of Rosie. He thought Rosie can talk to the whole world through the clock.

Even though he has never produced or engineered anything so far in his short life, he religiously learned the art of making a pendulum clock through internet. Then came the real problem. He found out that he is not having enough components to make up a pendulum clock.

He desperately went and asked every one in the old age home to lend him some money so that he can buy components for his pendulum clock.

Even though every one know that T2000 has gone crazy, they still felt pity for its state.

Finally John or Johny as he is lovingly called, promised T2000 to help him with his pendulum clock. Even though Johny knew that the dick-dock sound in the pendulum clock is no better than a mute spoon, he kept his comments to himself.

Johny went and bought all the components required for the pendulum clock. Being a mechanical engineer by his profession, he too felt nostalgic after seeing the hardware parts and he caught the enthusiasm shared by T2000 and offered to help him in building the clock.

But T2000 flatly refused saying that he will never share his lady love with any one else!!

T2000 worked day and night tirelessly to make his pendulum clock. Not being programmed for mechanical design or its implementation, T2000 sure faced many problems.

The gear train was looking too complicated and the escape mechanism could never be put in place in its correct location. But still T2000 worked on non stop towards its objective.

The repetitive calls of the inmates fell on its deaf years and it didn’t even heed to the innumerable requests to turn off the light.

Finally after working continuously for 2 days straight, he got the whole assembly in place, and the only thing to be done is to place his beloved in the place he has allocated for the pendulum.

T2000 was too excited as well as frightened at the same time. He has put his whole heart on this clock. He wanted it to work, He didn’t want to have any failure in this project which he has held literally and figuratively close to his heart. After a few emotional minutes, T2000 finally loaded his lady love in the place allocated for the pendulum. He slowly made it swing. Rosie finally spoke to T2000 with a gently dick-dock.

Listening to the sweet sound of Rosie, T2000 slowly closed his eyes.



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