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Posted by Joe on July 29, 2009

Has anyone though about the positives and negatives of all the religions?
Wait Wait.. I don’t want to start a debate on which religion is superior or which religion is bad. Each and every religion has its mixture of good and bad.
If you are a heavily religious person, you would most probably argue that your religion does not have any faults or defects, but accept it. Nothing can be perfect right. More over, I am no religious scholar. So most of the comments which I make might be or most probably amateurish. But I feel, I being an amateur, I can give an unbiased comments on good and bad of the religions.

I will start with Christianity, the religion which is followed by many countries all over the world. But the problem with it is that more than half of its holy book – The Bible is dedicated to Jews. So as a christian, you should first ask yourself is this the right religion for you. Even in new testament, there are references of non Jewish being treated as second class citizens. The best reference of the same is given in Mathew 15:26, where Jesus says “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” to a Canaanite woman. Even though Jesus told this to test the faith of the woman, prejudice was still there. I don’t think he would have said the same to a Jewish woman.
But, if you just look at Christianity as a whole, you can realize that Christianity, like many other religions, tells us to follow the path of righteousness and universal brotherhood.

Next, we come to Islam – my favorite religion. Favorite because it almost always gets into the middle of some controversy. It could be the most misunderstood religion in the world. But thinking about the time Islam came into existence, you can say that the ideas given in Islam was really radical. But unfortunately, in Islam, women are not given equal importance as men, and slavery was still accepted in Islam.

Then we come to Hinduism – The religion followed by the majority of Indians. Hinduism also preaches the righteous way of life, but unfortunately, caste system is a part of it. Considering Brahmins to be made from the head, Kshatriyas from shoulders, Vaisyas from thighs and Sudras from feet itself shows us the caste discrimination which is shown in hinduism.

Buddhism, followed by few in Tibet and many in Srilanka is the most softest religion in the world. May be Jainism can come in contention with it. But the way Sinhalese are treating tamilians in Srilanka, I am not so sure Buddhism has reached its objective.

So as a whole, you can see that almost all the religions have its drawbacks. Then if you consider that being atheist is a better option, just see how Stalin murdered millions of his own men in the wake of his crazy principle.
I think it is better to choose the things which you feel are right for you and for the society and just follow them, instead of just sticking on to a single religion.


One Response to “Religious?”

  1. mike said

    good work. like the conclusion.

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