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Dont Jaswant me!!

Posted by Joe on August 20, 2009

With BJP removing Jaswant Singh for praising Jinnah and pointing the negative points of Nehru, BJP has shown the whole nation that it is still in its dark ages.
The act of BJP can be compared to that of Bloody Mary – a tyrant Queen who ruled over England. She became famous for burning people on the stake for heresy.
BJP is almost following the same principle by removing whomsoever analyzing the situation and coming up with an academic view of any issue.
The hold which RSS has on BJP and the fact that BJP is just the political face of a religious fanatics has been put out in the open through this issue.
I am sure BJP will go nowhere sticking on to a stupid concept which is called as Hindutva.
In a secular nation which has got some 1.2 Billion people, they are really stupid to assume that the majority will be fanatics who just worry about whom they are worshiping over their daily bread.
I am sure if BJP carries in the same way it is carrying its affairs now, it will pass on to oblivion in a record breaking time.


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