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Nobel laureate Barack Obama?

Posted by Joe on October 9, 2009

Like many people in the world, I am also shocked to hear Barack Obama granted Nobel peace prize. This should definitely be the most scandalous Nobel peace prize of the century.
The Nobel committee has awarded the peace prize as he has 1. worked great deal towards climate change, 2. bringing muslim world closer to the rest of world and also in 3. reducing the nuclear weapons stockpile through out the world.

Seriously I am sure the Nobel committee does not read news papers daily.

1. Regarding climate change, I seriously dont know what Obama has done to change the world. Other than fleeting talks which even George Bush can give, he has not done anything more.  The UN international conference on climate change has not yet convened in Coppenhagen. Without even deciding on what the world is going to do about climate change, awarding a political leader the fruits of working towards climate change is simply stupid.

2. This is the most comical point which is given by the selection committee. US army is still in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They are thinking of getting them back to US. But thought has not been supported by action. Obama being half muslim doesnt prove anything. Nobody cared about his race. So I think even religion should not come into effect.

3. I never read any news saying that the US nuclear weapons stockpile is being reduced. Forcing other countries to sign NPT when they are the guys who have done more than 50% of the nuclear tests is pure hippocracy.

So I totally think Obama does not deserve the peace prize. Norway has yet again aligned to the strong arm of the west and have sided with the US president. It is the same committee which did not give peace prize to Gandhi, but had Hitler and Stalin as nominees for the prize. By awarding peace prize to an unworthy candidate, they have proved the world that words are in fact better than action.


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Around the world to your next house

Posted by Joe on October 8, 2009

Has it ever happened to that you will think a lot for something and will even do something really complicated, only to find that, the same thing can be done in a really simple way, sometimes even in a single step.
It happened to me today.
I did really cool, complex, annoying code, which ran for hours together to get an output which could have been done in a single line and that too taking less than half the time which it took for the original complex stuff.
The worst part was, the complex stuff was not what I wanted and I am right now running the simple stuff which I didn’t know in the first place and am waiting for its output.
I seriously laugh at people when they say you have to think out of the box where you can go to your destination in a really simple straight line.

PS: I am pissed off really.. 2 days of my work = 1 single line of configuration file :X

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