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Whats in a name?

Posted by Joe on December 8, 2009

Have you ever met any of your old friend whom you have not met for the past 10 years and his name just pops out of your mouth?
But unfortunately Murphy hardly parts ways with me
as some times, you meet one of your best buddies and you will just forget his name. You will remember his favorite color, crush, mom’s name, dad’s name and even the name printed on his water bottle, but his name.

I met one of my old friend Sreedhar, who became close to me after he broke open a part of my skull with a stone. Even though we were not on talking basis for a long time, sharing leaked question papers brought us together. I lost contact of him after my 10th, and after meeting some unknown stranger in a restaurant near to our office, I realized that, the guy in formal shirt and pant sitting in the very next table is in fact Sreedhar.

Some times, brain really amazes me. Some times, I get frustrated with it too.
This happened with my another friend whose name, I can’t remember even now. Blame it on the ‘Sutha Kathiri’ (Spoiled brinjals) which became his nick name in 11th and 12th standard. You know what the worst part is? He will remember your name and will call you with the same. And trust me guys, it is really tough to act as if you can remember his name without actually remembering it.

My brain has not helped me with this cause even when I was in my MTech course. I was the maintenance secretary of our hostel and I play cricket on regular basis. the down side of this is that many people know me, but I don’t know them. The real trouble happens when you go to the mess to eat, where the guy standing before/behind you will start talking with you as if he is a close friend. During the initial days, I politely asked them their name. I stopped my habit after realizing that I can not remember any of their names.

So seriously guys, what is in a name? Person as a person is more important than a person as a name rite?

I finish with a modified version of a dialogue from Matrix Revolutions.
“Love is just a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.”


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