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Criticizing the Ayodhya verdict

Posted by Joe on October 2, 2010

Almost everyone in India is maintaining a dignified silence around the Ayodhya verdict. Thankfully, we have not seen violence yet after the verdict has been announced. Mainly because the youth of today know more about farmvile and orkut than about what happened in Ayodhya. The only way they know Ayodhya might be through films like Mumbai which touched upon the violence after the Babri masjid demolition.

Instead of beating around the bush, let me come straight to the reasons why I think the verdict is not so correct.

The first thing to note is, instead of being a civil suit, the case has been judged as a theological suit. Who are the judges to finalize where the birthplace of Ram is and whether Babar masjid is infact a majid? They decisions should be left to the religious leaders and they should just stick on to giving decision based on facts rather than on beliefs. So this verdict has proved everyone that India is indeed not a secular country, but a religious one.

Next, coming on to the verdict. Everyone, including the muslim judge has given the place under the central dome to Hindus. The central dome, as its name suggests was the center of Babri masjid before its demolition in 1992. So are the judges suggesting that what happened in 1992 is correct? If the mob has not demolished the masjid in 1992, according to the judgement, they should have demolished the structure judicially in 2010!!!

During muslim rule, lot of hindu temples were ravaged. A lot many masjids might have been built on top of it. Is the court suggesting that we should collect an inventory of all the masjids constructed that way and they should be demolished to give way for hindu temples? As Ayodhya has been acknowledged as the birth place of Ram, we have other birthplaces of other gods too like Mathura. So will the masjids present in those holy towns follow suite of Ayodhya?

The verdict is nothing more than a panjayat verdict which has appeased the masses for the time being. Hindus and Muslims have shown their maturity by restraining them from committing to mindless violence. But this verdict is another writing on the wall that non-hindu minorities will be treated as minorities.


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