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Posted by Joe on August 15, 2010

First of all, on the day of Independence day, I wish you all happy Independence day (I am assuming that you are an Indian).

So we call ourselves the worlds biggest and successful democracy. Before dwelling into our democracy, let us consider why Socrates was murdered.

Feeling I am already going off topic? As a mater of fact I am not. Socrates was murdered as he spoke against democracy. His argument was, just because a person is famous among the people, he can not rule them properly. Only a talented person, who understands the pros and cons of the decisions he is taking can rule the people properly. He was not against democracy per se. But he was against democracy, which gives power to the un-deserving.

Let us fast forward to our times, exactly a short time before India got independence.

Jinnah was so scared of democracy that he was afraid of total domination of hindus over the muslim minority.
He wanted a separate country, so that the minority will become a majority over there. Having non-democratic reason to form the country, they were under military rule for a longer time than under a democratic rule. Even when they had democracy, they fared very badly, as they didn’t let the East-Pakistan majority rule over them.
Pakistan looked at democracy always with a cautious note.

Compared to Pakistan, we can say that we performed marginally better. We have been under emergency only once, where Ms Gandhi had a totalitarian control over the whole country. But look at the state of the politicians we have right now.

More than 50% of our MPs have criminal cases on them.
Almost all of them are crorepathis.

If Democracy on concept denotes ruling of people by people who represent them, I don’t think India is under a democratic rule. I don’t think 50% of our population have criminal cases on them. In fact having a criminal case and entering the court is considered to be a dis-honor to the whole family in many parts of India. I am pretty much sure not even 1% of our population are crorepathis.

So when we boast about India being the most successful democracy in the whole world, what are we boasting of?

Are we boasting Mayawati as one of our CM, when her only qualification is that she is a dalit?
Are we boasting Rahul Gandhi as the next beacon of India, where if he is not born to his father, he would have been a nobody?
Are we boasting Lalu as the best Railway minister we had in history, where he moved Bihar back to stone age?

What have we achieved in this 60 odd years of Independence and 60 odd years of democracy?

Corruption has been steadily increasing, and so is the inflation.
Yes, we can see more middle class people coming up in the social ladder, thanks to IT and related services.
We did test some nuclear bombs and we are ready for any nuclear war if any with Pakistan.

But are these direct results of India being a democratic country?
China has overtaken us by leaps and bounds, even though they are under communist rule.
They have achieved more that what we have in the past 60 years.
Does that mean communism is better than democracy?

How can we accept that fact that the policy makers have no idea about what they are going to do still they get elected?
How can we call guys like M.K.Alagiri, who can not understand anything other than Tamil and Rowdism our cabinet minister?

Forget what we have done till now. But the bigger question is are we heading in the right direction?
The questions are many, but answers are few and far between.
And I like many others am lost in this flood of questions.


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Posted by Joe on July 5, 2010

Don’t search who made the below quote. It is entirely my Intellectual property :).

without communist, the world will be a better place to live

I always had a soft corner for communism.
My dad was a die hard communist, who participated in all the student union activities during his college times.
His name even came in news paper, for leading/participating in a strike.
We bought sputnik instead of readers digest and during election, I remember my dad wearing a red shirt.

But few incidents which happened in my life has completely changed my perception about communism.
The first major change happened when I went to Trivandrum.
I was working with TCS at that time, and Trivandrum, being the capital of Kerala is a hot bed of communism.
Atleast once a month, the work will be stopped due to strike of some sort and harthal is a common occurrence.
But the thing which made me change the complete perception about communist was when we shifted our house and the red shirts came to our house as soon as we finished lifting all our house hold items from the road to our house in second floor and demanded Rs 1000/- as we have stolen their jobs from them.
This started a heated exchange between me and the communist guys, with them even warning me that he will not let me live in the city as I am not in Tamil Nadu any more.
The guys cooled down and dispersed calmly after my sane friend gave them Rs 50/-

This is communism in utmost practicality. Humans are lazy by birth and communism sponsors for it through its principles of equality. Performance incentives are a big no-no and promotions based on talent is blasphemy. In fact in the book “Principles of Russian Socialism”, the author points out that in a socialist society, accumulation of wealth is looked down upon.

Still we can see our neighbors China doing fairly well and infact Kerala is one of the most developed state in India. But China still has got its democracy and Kerala has still got its buffer of abundant natural wealth which communist can keep on destroying for the next 30 years or so.

And one more thing, have you ever read any communist magazines?

I got to put my hands on one while I was traveling from Bangalore to Madurai.

The magazine got nothing other than bitching all around. They wanted everything for free. They were against industrial development, as it takes jobs away from normal public, who are not skilled to take the job.
They wanted to stay in the form of a raw animal. They wanted everything to stay with the government, and the government not to focus on making any profit with its institutions, as it will go against the will of helping the public, and still wanted the country to develop.

I think the communist have to come out of their cocoon of Utopian world and face the reality.

Change should start from the top, and for a change, they should tell the government what to do instead of bitching about what they have done. They should focus on making things rather than breaking things, as communist, in my opinion know nothing other than bandhs, harthals, processions, rallys and shouting slogans.

Other than working as devil’s advocate who cries foul about everything going on in this world, I find no use for communist in this society.

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Posted by Joe on April 28, 2010

There is a phase in every one’s life
where he is small and not noted by all.
He is undistinguished and definitely unimportant.
Banging his hands against a wall.

He wants to think he is different
And to his dismay, he finds he is not.
There are same routes and roughly same patterns
Which he is following, as every one in the lot.

He is scared to fall into the trap
Which he knows is really very deep.
He tries to swim away from this hole
Which is deeper than the deepest worm hole.

He wants to break shackles and thus run free.
He wants to be great and be distinguished.
But alas he is scared to break free and run
‘cos he is just another guy, with same old thoughts.

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On your death bed

Posted by Joe on February 1, 2010

Once there was a really old man, who had three sons.
His sons loved him very much and the old man too loved him dearly.
The old man was really old that nobody even remembered his name.
Of course his sons knew his name, but never called him with his name.
All of his friends who could call him by his name had long been dead.
We know his name and we will call him by his name Peter.

Yes he hoped to be like Peter Pan who never grew up.
Still he was happy with the way things have gone for him.
His sons are still alive, and he is sure he will die before any one of them meet their end.
The grandsons of his sons are expanding their family fortunes all over the world.
Peter really felt like a Badshaw of Persia.

Now he felt that he is becoming a burden for everyone around him.
He has enjoyed his life, got his children, and have seen their grandchildren.
There should be no reason for him to live in this world.
More than this feeling, the feeling of boredom was affecting him badly.

He was sick most of the times, and when he is fine, he can hardly walk around his big house once before resting to his cot.
It has been aeons since he has rode his bike.
His bicycle, which was the first thing he posses of his own, is just a memory in his mind.
His bicycle and bike, unlike Peter, has stood the test of time, and are still carrying his sons and grandsons and sons of grandsons, so and so forth.

Talking to his nurses and doctors day after day is tiring on him.

He wanted to end his life.

He realized that this is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.. Wanting to end your life, but not able to die.
He is not a broken hearted lover, or a stock broker during 1929.
Neither he Hitler nor a Kamakaze pilot.
His condition is just plain old boredoom and nothing else.

Television didn’t interest him, internet didn’t concern him.
He was in his very old world, and he was bored with everything he had.
He has read his fill, and with failing eyesight, even though reading books is out of question,
he has long lost his interest in books.

With nothing left other than to wait and die, he wanted to face death head on.

Of course he was not afraid to die, because, like a soldier in the charge of light brigade, he is ready to face the enemy head on.
But for him, suicide is out of question.
He never like suicide, and he never liked the people assisting others to die.
Suicide according to Peter is the coward’s way of life.
People commit suicide because they are afraid to live, but Peter on other hand, want to die not because of the fear of like, but the indifference of it.

He realized that, his mind is uttering whatever to what ever is happening around him.
He has stopped caring for anything around him, as they were boring and this stoppage in caring for stuff around him, has made him bored.
Definitely he is caught in a vicious circle, and unfortunately he was ready to go down than come around it.

Finally he decided what he thought was a good idea.

(To be continued………)

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The daemon

Posted by Joe on January 3, 2010

How will you feel about a person who knows what you think, whom you talk with and some times even direct your money and watch each and every thing you do?
Pervert? Leach? or Google?
Now to those who don’t know about the reach of Google, here are the snippets.

Not many people know any video hosting site other than youtube or google videos. Hardly few people use metcafe.
Yahoo messenger is almost extinct and almost every one in the block use gtalk.
With the release of google wave, which has shown new ways to communicate through webcam, skype is moving almost out of question.
The number of entries in Blogspot – again owned by Google almost completely outweighs the entries made in wordpress.
Google Adsense is definitely much better than Adbrite, even though you have to be a owner of a high traffic blog/website to have one account.
People who were using mozilla are slowly switching over to Google Chrome.
Google has even come out with an OS Chrome OS, which will have nothing other than Google Chrome installed in your computer, and you use your computer just to connect to the internet.
Google Reader, Google Maps, Orkut, Google Docs, Google Calender are slowly taking over our way of life. Even WikiMaps is powered by Google!!

So OK. Google is every where. So is or was? Microsoft. You might ask what is the big deal with Google monopolizing the whole of internet? The problem is that Microsoft asks whether you want to send some information to its server. The problem with Google is that, you have to accept their terms and conditions, which almost none of us care to read, and in some obtuse location, they have specified that they will collect some of your data. The worst part is that Google till now, they haven’t come public about what they are collecting from us.

Yeah Google knows what you type. Google knows what you blog and Google has got even a new OS.

Now coming on to perks.

I think almost each and every one has a gmail account. Now guess what? The button which they have provided as delete is just for beauty. It doesn’t serve the purpose. For the sake of so called efficiency, your data, what ever you store online in gmail is duplicated in various servers around the world and recently Google has come out open saying that they necessarily don’t delete all the content which the user thinks he has deleted.

So nobody knows what is going on inside the black box called as Google. And this black box is slowly taking over what we knew as internet. You could be prosecuted for what you think. As in countries like China, you are not supposed to think in certain ways.

So the gist of the post is that, if you are a believer, pray to God that Google does not fall in wrong hands and become a daemon which it could become 🙂

PS: This is my take on Google. For detailed list of controversies surrounding Google, please check wiki

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Whats in a name?

Posted by Joe on December 8, 2009

Have you ever met any of your old friend whom you have not met for the past 10 years and his name just pops out of your mouth?
But unfortunately Murphy hardly parts ways with me
as some times, you meet one of your best buddies and you will just forget his name. You will remember his favorite color, crush, mom’s name, dad’s name and even the name printed on his water bottle, but his name.

I met one of my old friend Sreedhar, who became close to me after he broke open a part of my skull with a stone. Even though we were not on talking basis for a long time, sharing leaked question papers brought us together. I lost contact of him after my 10th, and after meeting some unknown stranger in a restaurant near to our office, I realized that, the guy in formal shirt and pant sitting in the very next table is in fact Sreedhar.

Some times, brain really amazes me. Some times, I get frustrated with it too.
This happened with my another friend whose name, I can’t remember even now. Blame it on the ‘Sutha Kathiri’ (Spoiled brinjals) which became his nick name in 11th and 12th standard. You know what the worst part is? He will remember your name and will call you with the same. And trust me guys, it is really tough to act as if you can remember his name without actually remembering it.

My brain has not helped me with this cause even when I was in my MTech course. I was the maintenance secretary of our hostel and I play cricket on regular basis. the down side of this is that many people know me, but I don’t know them. The real trouble happens when you go to the mess to eat, where the guy standing before/behind you will start talking with you as if he is a close friend. During the initial days, I politely asked them their name. I stopped my habit after realizing that I can not remember any of their names.

So seriously guys, what is in a name? Person as a person is more important than a person as a name rite?

I finish with a modified version of a dialogue from Matrix Revolutions.
“Love is just a word. What matters is the connection the word implies.”

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Devil’s advocate

Posted by Joe on September 21, 2009

I have one basic question in my mind.
Why do we always think that God is all good and devil is always evil? I think it is a great prejudice against the devil. In fact, the question should be is God all good for you, as you can see in many religions, whether it is Christianity or Hinduism, we can see God taking sides and you being on the wrong side of God. The religion teaches us that God can in fact hate you.
Take the example of Ravanan in Ramayana or Egyptians in Christianity. God took the side of their enemies and helped their enemies to destroy them.

Theist put forward the theory of “Greater good”. I interpret Greater good as good for others and not for you. This can be seen through the example of Bhisma in Mahabarata. He was killed as he was in the side of Kauravas so as to uphold a greater good. But still if you consider Bhisma’s perspective, God has been against him.

One thing is true for sure. Every thing depends upon the perspective.

But consider this scenario. If the God is all good, then if something bad happens to some one, then God doesn’t like that person at that particular time, or he has fallen from the good will of the God.
So here comes the question of is good really good? What if God just wants to play with his favorite pet and is spanking him just for the fun of it? Definitely he will throw some biscuits at the end of the day for sure.

One more thing to consider is whether you really want the good as which is considered in the conventional terms. Consider the story of Jonas. A great saint once promised Jonas that if he walks around the world a thousand times, the doors of the heaven will open to him. So the very day, Jonas started his walk. But unfortunately he died before he could finish it.
Even after his death, he became a spirit and continued walking. One fine day, he completed his quota and the heaven’s doors opened. So with great joy, he went through the doors of heaven. But alas. Heaven was not what he expected heaven will be. He felt the expectation of seeing heaven was better than the heaven itself. So he asked Peter, the great angel who was guarding the gates of the heaven to open the gates again for him if he walks around the world a thousand times more and he left the heaven and is still walking. The crux of the story is, Jonas didn’t want the good as considered in conventional terms.

What could be considered as a good life could be frowned upon by another sect of people. Rock music entices some and creates headaches to some other. Classical music can bring tears to some and sleep to some other. Good food could bring ecstasy to some and agony to size zero models. Heaven could have been amazing to angels and boring to the devils.

So there is no absolute good and bad. So is absolute good God and absolute bad devil.

But if the devil is good for you, then most probably you are bad 😉

PS: The story of Jonas is a modified version of story told by Doestovsky in his novel “The brothers Karamazov”.

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Dont Jaswant me!!

Posted by Joe on August 20, 2009

With BJP removing Jaswant Singh for praising Jinnah and pointing the negative points of Nehru, BJP has shown the whole nation that it is still in its dark ages.
The act of BJP can be compared to that of Bloody Mary – a tyrant Queen who ruled over England. She became famous for burning people on the stake for heresy.
BJP is almost following the same principle by removing whomsoever analyzing the situation and coming up with an academic view of any issue.
The hold which RSS has on BJP and the fact that BJP is just the political face of a religious fanatics has been put out in the open through this issue.
I am sure BJP will go nowhere sticking on to a stupid concept which is called as Hindutva.
In a secular nation which has got some 1.2 Billion people, they are really stupid to assume that the majority will be fanatics who just worry about whom they are worshiping over their daily bread.
I am sure if BJP carries in the same way it is carrying its affairs now, it will pass on to oblivion in a record breaking time.

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Posted by Joe on July 29, 2009

Has anyone though about the positives and negatives of all the religions?
Wait Wait.. I don’t want to start a debate on which religion is superior or which religion is bad. Each and every religion has its mixture of good and bad.
If you are a heavily religious person, you would most probably argue that your religion does not have any faults or defects, but accept it. Nothing can be perfect right. More over, I am no religious scholar. So most of the comments which I make might be or most probably amateurish. But I feel, I being an amateur, I can give an unbiased comments on good and bad of the religions.

I will start with Christianity, the religion which is followed by many countries all over the world. But the problem with it is that more than half of its holy book – The Bible is dedicated to Jews. So as a christian, you should first ask yourself is this the right religion for you. Even in new testament, there are references of non Jewish being treated as second class citizens. The best reference of the same is given in Mathew 15:26, where Jesus says “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.” to a Canaanite woman. Even though Jesus told this to test the faith of the woman, prejudice was still there. I don’t think he would have said the same to a Jewish woman.
But, if you just look at Christianity as a whole, you can realize that Christianity, like many other religions, tells us to follow the path of righteousness and universal brotherhood.

Next, we come to Islam – my favorite religion. Favorite because it almost always gets into the middle of some controversy. It could be the most misunderstood religion in the world. But thinking about the time Islam came into existence, you can say that the ideas given in Islam was really radical. But unfortunately, in Islam, women are not given equal importance as men, and slavery was still accepted in Islam.

Then we come to Hinduism – The religion followed by the majority of Indians. Hinduism also preaches the righteous way of life, but unfortunately, caste system is a part of it. Considering Brahmins to be made from the head, Kshatriyas from shoulders, Vaisyas from thighs and Sudras from feet itself shows us the caste discrimination which is shown in hinduism.

Buddhism, followed by few in Tibet and many in Srilanka is the most softest religion in the world. May be Jainism can come in contention with it. But the way Sinhalese are treating tamilians in Srilanka, I am not so sure Buddhism has reached its objective.

So as a whole, you can see that almost all the religions have its drawbacks. Then if you consider that being atheist is a better option, just see how Stalin murdered millions of his own men in the wake of his crazy principle.
I think it is better to choose the things which you feel are right for you and for the society and just follow them, instead of just sticking on to a single religion.

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A Robot’s love – Chapter 3

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

3 more weeks passed while T2000 was trying to make Rosie learn the basic of phonemes and phonetics.
But unfortunately Rosie was not able to comprehend what T2000 was trying to teach her.
In the mean time, the inmates were considering the option of bringing a doctor or a software technician for T2000 to make him right.
Just like talking to their youngest grandson, they gently came and talked with him about getting help to correct his condition.
But T2000 was not able to understand the problem which was with him.
It was getting more and more irritated. The lack of sleep – neither in form of hibernation or shut down didn’t help the situation either.

Finally, out of the blue, T2000 threw off his lady love – his first love with its mightiest force. The whole of the old age home stood still for a moment. Every one stopped their gossips and looked at T2000 standing empty handed. There was a pin drop silence till the echo of the cling sound made by Rosie faded.

Then with a huge cry which none of the inmates have ever seen in their lives, T2000 flung itself on Rosie, and apologized to it in all the ways possible. The inmates of the old age home called its doctor then and there, who just laughed at listening to T2000’s story. Still they said they will come to the old age home within a week to reconfigure T2000 to a more stable state.

T2000 was in huge distress. He has hurt his lady love. He has seen one of his feelings which he has never seen before falling in love – uncontrolled rage. He was ashamed of himself. Then and there, an idea came to his mind. He has once seen a pendulum clock. The pendulum reminded him of Rosie. He thought Rosie can talk to the whole world through the clock.

Even though he has never produced or engineered anything so far in his short life, he religiously learned the art of making a pendulum clock through internet. Then came the real problem. He found out that he is not having enough components to make up a pendulum clock.

He desperately went and asked every one in the old age home to lend him some money so that he can buy components for his pendulum clock.

Even though every one know that T2000 has gone crazy, they still felt pity for its state.

Finally John or Johny as he is lovingly called, promised T2000 to help him with his pendulum clock. Even though Johny knew that the dick-dock sound in the pendulum clock is no better than a mute spoon, he kept his comments to himself.

Johny went and bought all the components required for the pendulum clock. Being a mechanical engineer by his profession, he too felt nostalgic after seeing the hardware parts and he caught the enthusiasm shared by T2000 and offered to help him in building the clock.

But T2000 flatly refused saying that he will never share his lady love with any one else!!

T2000 worked day and night tirelessly to make his pendulum clock. Not being programmed for mechanical design or its implementation, T2000 sure faced many problems.

The gear train was looking too complicated and the escape mechanism could never be put in place in its correct location. But still T2000 worked on non stop towards its objective.

The repetitive calls of the inmates fell on its deaf years and it didn’t even heed to the innumerable requests to turn off the light.

Finally after working continuously for 2 days straight, he got the whole assembly in place, and the only thing to be done is to place his beloved in the place he has allocated for the pendulum.

T2000 was too excited as well as frightened at the same time. He has put his whole heart on this clock. He wanted it to work, He didn’t want to have any failure in this project which he has held literally and figuratively close to his heart. After a few emotional minutes, T2000 finally loaded his lady love in the place allocated for the pendulum. He slowly made it swing. Rosie finally spoke to T2000 with a gently dick-dock.

Listening to the sweet sound of Rosie, T2000 slowly closed his eyes.


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