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On your death bed

Posted by Joe on February 1, 2010

Once there was a really old man, who had three sons.
His sons loved him very much and the old man too loved him dearly.
The old man was really old that nobody even remembered his name.
Of course his sons knew his name, but never called him with his name.
All of his friends who could call him by his name had long been dead.
We know his name and we will call him by his name Peter.

Yes he hoped to be like Peter Pan who never grew up.
Still he was happy with the way things have gone for him.
His sons are still alive, and he is sure he will die before any one of them meet their end.
The grandsons of his sons are expanding their family fortunes all over the world.
Peter really felt like a Badshaw of Persia.

Now he felt that he is becoming a burden for everyone around him.
He has enjoyed his life, got his children, and have seen their grandchildren.
There should be no reason for him to live in this world.
More than this feeling, the feeling of boredom was affecting him badly.

He was sick most of the times, and when he is fine, he can hardly walk around his big house once before resting to his cot.
It has been aeons since he has rode his bike.
His bicycle, which was the first thing he posses of his own, is just a memory in his mind.
His bicycle and bike, unlike Peter, has stood the test of time, and are still carrying his sons and grandsons and sons of grandsons, so and so forth.

Talking to his nurses and doctors day after day is tiring on him.

He wanted to end his life.

He realized that this is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.. Wanting to end your life, but not able to die.
He is not a broken hearted lover, or a stock broker during 1929.
Neither he Hitler nor a Kamakaze pilot.
His condition is just plain old boredoom and nothing else.

Television didn’t interest him, internet didn’t concern him.
He was in his very old world, and he was bored with everything he had.
He has read his fill, and with failing eyesight, even though reading books is out of question,
he has long lost his interest in books.

With nothing left other than to wait and die, he wanted to face death head on.

Of course he was not afraid to die, because, like a soldier in the charge of light brigade, he is ready to face the enemy head on.
But for him, suicide is out of question.
He never like suicide, and he never liked the people assisting others to die.
Suicide according to Peter is the coward’s way of life.
People commit suicide because they are afraid to live, but Peter on other hand, want to die not because of the fear of like, but the indifference of it.

He realized that, his mind is uttering whatever to what ever is happening around him.
He has stopped caring for anything around him, as they were boring and this stoppage in caring for stuff around him, has made him bored.
Definitely he is caught in a vicious circle, and unfortunately he was ready to go down than come around it.

Finally he decided what he thought was a good idea.

(To be continued………)


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A Robot’s love – Chapter 3

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

3 more weeks passed while T2000 was trying to make Rosie learn the basic of phonemes and phonetics.
But unfortunately Rosie was not able to comprehend what T2000 was trying to teach her.
In the mean time, the inmates were considering the option of bringing a doctor or a software technician for T2000 to make him right.
Just like talking to their youngest grandson, they gently came and talked with him about getting help to correct his condition.
But T2000 was not able to understand the problem which was with him.
It was getting more and more irritated. The lack of sleep – neither in form of hibernation or shut down didn’t help the situation either.

Finally, out of the blue, T2000 threw off his lady love – his first love with its mightiest force. The whole of the old age home stood still for a moment. Every one stopped their gossips and looked at T2000 standing empty handed. There was a pin drop silence till the echo of the cling sound made by Rosie faded.

Then with a huge cry which none of the inmates have ever seen in their lives, T2000 flung itself on Rosie, and apologized to it in all the ways possible. The inmates of the old age home called its doctor then and there, who just laughed at listening to T2000’s story. Still they said they will come to the old age home within a week to reconfigure T2000 to a more stable state.

T2000 was in huge distress. He has hurt his lady love. He has seen one of his feelings which he has never seen before falling in love – uncontrolled rage. He was ashamed of himself. Then and there, an idea came to his mind. He has once seen a pendulum clock. The pendulum reminded him of Rosie. He thought Rosie can talk to the whole world through the clock.

Even though he has never produced or engineered anything so far in his short life, he religiously learned the art of making a pendulum clock through internet. Then came the real problem. He found out that he is not having enough components to make up a pendulum clock.

He desperately went and asked every one in the old age home to lend him some money so that he can buy components for his pendulum clock.

Even though every one know that T2000 has gone crazy, they still felt pity for its state.

Finally John or Johny as he is lovingly called, promised T2000 to help him with his pendulum clock. Even though Johny knew that the dick-dock sound in the pendulum clock is no better than a mute spoon, he kept his comments to himself.

Johny went and bought all the components required for the pendulum clock. Being a mechanical engineer by his profession, he too felt nostalgic after seeing the hardware parts and he caught the enthusiasm shared by T2000 and offered to help him in building the clock.

But T2000 flatly refused saying that he will never share his lady love with any one else!!

T2000 worked day and night tirelessly to make his pendulum clock. Not being programmed for mechanical design or its implementation, T2000 sure faced many problems.

The gear train was looking too complicated and the escape mechanism could never be put in place in its correct location. But still T2000 worked on non stop towards its objective.

The repetitive calls of the inmates fell on its deaf years and it didn’t even heed to the innumerable requests to turn off the light.

Finally after working continuously for 2 days straight, he got the whole assembly in place, and the only thing to be done is to place his beloved in the place he has allocated for the pendulum.

T2000 was too excited as well as frightened at the same time. He has put his whole heart on this clock. He wanted it to work, He didn’t want to have any failure in this project which he has held literally and figuratively close to his heart. After a few emotional minutes, T2000 finally loaded his lady love in the place allocated for the pendulum. He slowly made it swing. Rosie finally spoke to T2000 with a gently dick-dock.

Listening to the sweet sound of Rosie, T2000 slowly closed his eyes.


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A Robot’s love – Chapter 2

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

“It has gone mad”

“It is just a robot you see”

exclaimed the inmates of the house when T2000 broadcasted its love to the inmates of the house.
Even Donald told him that he has gone crazy.

In the mean time, T2000 named his lady love Rosie. The name occurred to him out of nowhere.

T2000 was unable to understand the latest changes in the house. Every one was encouraging T2000 to fall in love and now, they are against his own love!!

Donald took a different spoon in his hand and asked “Are you in love with this spoon?”
T2000 replied a simple and stubborn “No” because he know that the spoon in Donald’s hand is not Rosie.

“This spoon looks similar to what you have in your hand right?”
“Might be, but I am not in love with that spoon in your hand, but with Rosie.”
“What if I mix your Rosie with 1000 of other spoons? Will you be able to find out your Rosie from the mix?”
“When I see Rosie, my heart will tell me that it is Rosie” beamed T2000.
Donald ended the conversation saying “Let God save you my child”

Similar to normal lovers, T2000 and Rosie spent hours together. Even though it was a one sided conversation, T2000 just accepted the fact that Rosie is dumb. He learned to love the negatives of Rosie. The inmates tried to reason him, cajole him and force him to come out of his infatuation which is no way realistic or sane. But T2000 just sticked on to Rosie.

Remembering his conversation with Donald about mixing up of Rosie with objects similar to her, he never ever went into hibernation again. He remained in powered on state through out the day, talking with and spending time with Rosie. The occasional glint which Rosie gave to him was good enough for him to hold on to Rosie. Even though all the spoons reflect light in the same way, he felt that only Rosie can talk with him in this way. He was totally in love with Rosie.

Sam and Leslie are a old couple in the home. They have been together for the past 62 years, and married for the past 56 years. They are one of the few people who didn’t need the services of T2000. But now, they were kind of irritated with the talk going on through out the old age home about T2000 and his new love. Even though their experience told them that all talks will come to and end and the old people will definitely find some other topic to talk about, they wanted to end the stupidity which T2000 has got himself into.
May be they were a bit concerned about T2000 too, but didn’t want to accept that fact out in the open.

So one fine morning, almost 2 weeks after T2000 has found his lady love, they went and sat next to T2000.
As usual, T2000 was holding Rosie in his hand.

“Will you introduce your lady love to us?” started Leslie.
“Sure. Rosie meet Sam and Leslie and this is my girl friend Rosie”
“Rosie is not saying hi to us!!” frowned Sam.
“No No she wants to tell hi to you two. But unfortunately Rosie can’t speak”
“She cant speak! OK then how you communicate with her?” added Sam.
“You see she smiles at me at times and I have just started teaching her how to speak.”
“She smiles at you?? Is she smiling now?” said Sam in a satirical tone.

Unfortunately for the innocent T2000, it was not able to find out the satire in Sam’s voice, even though it was programmed to find out the same.

“I will check right now” said T2000 and she turned Rosie inside out and outside in.
But as the room was quite dark, Rosie was not able to reflect any light to show the glint of her emotion.

While T2000 was trying real hard making Rosie speak, the couple gently rose from the seat while Sam added “Teach her some language which even we can understand.” and walked slowly out of the room.

Even though the old couple were walking at their regular pace, it seemed like eons for T2000. It was ashamed of himself and Rosie. He thought Rosie lacked the basic manners. No No. she has the same, but she is not able to express herself properly.

“I will definitely make her learn the simplest of the languages” promised T2000 to himself.

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A Robot’s love – Chapter 1

Posted by Joe on July 15, 2009

“I am T2000, the emotional robot at your service” beamed the latest addition to the old age home.

The world has become so fast and so advanced that the present generation forgot how to show love to the older generation. They have thought that they can replace what they are not able to give by some intelligent robot, which can understand the human emotions and give out the same.

Even though with the way at which the world is going on, a piece of metal like T2000 should be obsolete within a single generation, as things like love and compassion has almost left the world.

Leaving the outer world behind, let us enter this world of old age home.
T2000 has been in the old age home for that past 1 year.
It has the ability to take any name and any personality the owner wants it to take

But unfortunately in a old age home, no body is knowledgeable enough to configure it to its optimum performance.
More over no one in the old age home cared about his performance.
The default settings seemed to be good enough for them.
They talked with the robot when they didn’t have anything else to do – which was almost always, and they found the inbuilt stories which were preloaded in the robot amusing.

As T2000 had inbuilt capacity to remember the stories which the old people told it, and recite them at the appropriate time, soon the members in the old age home forgot that T2000 is a robot and started considering it as one of them – human.

After an year, T2000 sounded to them much similar to Paul, Harry or Tom.

Still, they felt that T2000 is not as old as them, as it can move faster and smoother than any one else in the old age home. Even though it can be programmed to behave like a old person, nobody knew how to do, or in better case, nobody wanted it to behave like a old person.

“You should enjoy your life to the fullest when you still have time” sighed Donald, the oldest person in the home after the demise of his best friend Pauline.
“I don’t know what you are doing in a old age home, with half rotten bodies. Your life is out there in open.”
“But I like to be with you guys” interrupted T2000.

“I know I can walk out any time I want and have fun and come back. But I think it is more fun to be with you guys than being there in the open” added T2000.

“What have you seen in your life? Have you been outside the country? have you learned a new language which you have no idea of? have you seen a new culture and wondered the complexities and beauties associated with it?”

“I might not have done any of it. But still I am like a bee in the middle of a flower garden. Why should it ever try to go out of it? It knows that its life is in there and that is what it wants through out its life.”

“Have you ever been in love?” asked Donald completely out of sync of what they were talking.

Even though T2000 has a good processing speed, it was stumped at this sudden question.

It can understand what love is. But in its default program, it has never been in love.
After some consideration, “I don’t think so” was its timid reply.

“You don’t think so? it should be either a simple yes or a simple no.”

“Then I don’t think I have been in love ever in my life” replied T2000.

For the first time in its comparatively long life in the old age home, T2000 was feeling a bit uneasy.

Normally, they talk about the love life of the inmates, but never about itself. May be they were under the consideration that as T2000 is a robot, it could not have got a love life.

But alas!! Donald has forgotten that T2000 is a robot. Even though almost every one has forgotten the same fact, Donald has almost taken this off from the back of his mind.

At an age when not having an Alzheimer is considered to be an abnormal event, Donald forgetting that T2000 is a robot should not have been unusual.

“You should go out and get some girl for yourself” beamed Donald.
“Fall in love, raise a family, work for them though out your life, only to end up in a place where your family is sure to come only once you die.”
T2000 knew that this is how Donald wants to end his argument. Some how in a melancholic tone. So it quietly rose from the chair in which it was sitting till them and was moving without a motive in the long corridors of the old age home.

It was not able to process the new information Donald has given it to him as it normally processes the information.

The romantic part of its code was still not enabled and it found it hard to correlate the things which Donald said just now.

The only result which it got from the web and wiki was strong affection and attraction, and through out the web, he was not able to find a definition which was sharp and crisp in a way it could consume.

As it has found out that if you have a strong sexual attraction and attachment, then you are in love, it tried to work on that. But unfortunately, being a robot, and being set to its defaults, it didn’t know how a sexual attraction will be, lest strong sexual attraction. It already had attachment to all the inmates in the house. So attachment was not new for it. Shiny skin, sleek body and beautiful face were all attributed to the physical attraction.

Unable to correlate his inputs properly, and half in self exhaustion from over heating of its components, it found the object of its desire – a silver tea spoon right in the side of the corridor, possibly dropped by one of the absent minded inmates.

But unfortunately, that tiny little silver spoon was able to satisfy all the qualities T2000 was searching for. It was shiny and was sleek. Some how the T2000’s program found the spoon very attractive. It has seen spoons before, but it also know that love comes in an instance and you can never know when it occurs to you.

So slowly, the T2000 bent down and took the spoon in its hands. It hugged it softly till time immemorial.

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My experiments with police station – Final Part

Posted by Joe on October 3, 2007

Yes my cell phone is ringing. And as timing has it, it was my mom. Great timing mom!!!

“Where are you now?” was the first sentence which my mom asked.

Has she known about it? I mean I am not a popular person whose arrest is telecasted in all the news channels. If she comes to know that I am in a police station through a news channel, how come there is no reporter near by here? But come on, she in no possibility can know that I am in a police station. This must be a regular chat from my mom. May be she is verifying whether I am in a cinema hall or in my room.

“In my room why?” I replied as confidently as possible.

“Just asking” and after that she went on talking about our family members and lot of other trivial issues. I was scared that if any police man sees me over phone, they may think that I am not giving proper respect which they deserve and they can thrash me like a street dog. So I tried to cut the call in a smooth way possible, but it seemed that there is no chance of making the conversation short.

So I clung on to the phone for a several anxious minutes waiting for my mom to end the call and at the same time hoping for escaping from the ever watch full eyes of the police men.

So after many anxious minutes, the call ended in the natural way possible and fortunately no police officer noticed me. The next call I made to my room mates and told them the state I am in, so that in case if some thing happens to me, they as true friends can come an save me. They as true friends asked what they can do. I added one plus one and thought that they can become the guardians for all of us and told them to come to the police station.

            In the mean time, one of our team mates tried their relative who is a wife of the brother of a police constable in Trissur (some 250 km from Trivandrum) for our recommendation. The constable talked with her for some time and confirmed her that he will handle the matter in the smoothest way possible. In the mean time, my friends arrived in the police station. I took these guys to the constable and asked for our release against the confirmatory sign of my room mates. Then the constable stated the next rule for release. That is the guardian has to be a permanent resident of the circle where the police station is. Great going guys!!! Now I have complete belief in our judiciary system.

            My room mate suggested me to get the help of our neighbor who told us that he is an inspector. He has even told us once that we can ask his help when ever required. This is the utmost important thing which can come up for us during our stay in Trivandrum. So I thought of asking his help. But none of our room mates have seen him in any police uniform. He can be revenue inspector too. Or even an inspector of public toilets in Trivandrum. He can be any one. We don’t know him that much. I even had a bad story about my friend who received 6 slaps in his right cheek and 5 slaps in his left one for telling a police inspector that his dad is an inspector, not in police department but in tax department. So to be in safer side, I told this new proposal to the mallu team mate of mine who did the most of the talking with the police guys. He came up with a better plan. He called the head of our client in Trivandrum and asked for his help. Our client head indeed came for our rescue and he called the police station and promised them that indeed our hero won’t run away from responsibility and that he will stay in Trivandrum till his judgment gets over. But there was a problem here too. Now there is not a single suspect but a lot of suspects. All those guys who were inside the police station were culprits and a case has been filed against all of us. Only at that time, I came to know that a case can be filed just by filling your name and address. But our client head was valiant and he promised to be the god father of all the people who were stationed there at that time.

            So with the promise of a guardian, who is a respected one, our chances seemed much promising. But the constable threw the next surprise at us.

This guy is really playing with us for sure. He said that as all of us are booked, all of us should go to the court and pay some fine. Man this is too much. For simple bumps of mine, followed by the finger pointing business of our hero, you can’t send an entire team to court. And above that, we need to pay a fine too.

            So second round negotiations started and the constable finally settled to make the case only on our hero and he made the inspector and sub inspector to agree to the same.

A public nuisance case was filled against our hero and he was told to go to a court and pay up the fine. Our hero readily agreed and we were happy just to leave that place.


So the next day as expected, our hero accepted all the fault of his and paid the fine. So the important thing to note is that not all the police men take bribe and if you get struck up with a police man who doesn’t have anything to do to spend his time, better run away from him. And the last but not the least, I have not used any names in this story.


PS: Two weeks after the situation took place; I and our hero were standing in a bus stop. A patrol car similar to what we saw in this story drove past us in a slow speed. Our hero took two steps back.


Thanks and apology: Thanks for our hero who let me to write this story and sorry for my mom and my sis for telling some thing over my web page rather than directly telling that to you.

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My experiments with police station – III

Posted by Joe on October 2, 2007

Our hero was standing in the corner and he was still maintaining his composure and he was giving a look as if he doesn’t care a damn about anything that is going on around him. Hero’s have to look in that way rite? So after some 10 minutes of non stop pleading and cajoling, the sub inspector lessened his stance and he told us that he can’t do anything now and the inspector of the police station has to come as he can’t leave a suspect free just like that. When our hero did become a suspect? Never mind. Even Rajini, the super star of Tamil film industry has been a suspect in a lot of movies. So continuing with the story, the sub inspector told us that our hero is indeed arrested and he cant leave him without a local guardian promising that he will be responsible incase our hero escapes out of Kerala without attending the court.

            This is real scene baby!!! So now our hero is properly screwed. We started our quest of finding the person who can be our guardian. The mallus in our team mate told the inspector that they can be the guardian of our hero and they can indeed release our hero and that they will be responsible for his actions. Then the sub inspector told us the biggest joke I have ever heard in my life. He declared that we are all indeed arrested too.

            Man I just wanted to see the whole show for myself. I never wanted to get arrested. By the way I have seen in English movies that they will recite the verses “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.” Don’t start praising my memory power. I just copied that statement from some web page in the net. You never thought I can remember that much right?

            OK continuing forward in our story, I was really dumb founded on hearing that. I should remind you guys that I am the one who indeed started the whole confusion. So I am really entitled to get arrested. But come on guys, you can’t get arrested for a friendly bumps rite. So to increase our stupefaction, a constable who was sitting there, told us to fill in all of our names and addresses. The first person obviously was our hero, followed by a mallu team mate of ours who was doing most of the talking. Then our PL and other guys in our project who were inside the police station followed suit. I ran through the ranks and entered my name in the middle so that I will not be singled out in any permutations and combinations.

            I don’t need to tell you guys that instead of my first name which is not a common name, I wrote just my last two names which are so common that if you stand in the middle of the market and swear some bad word followed by my name, you will get properly beaten up. I even showed myself too nerdy to the constable and asked him even doubts while filling forms under the assumption that if I show them as a really innocent guy, they will let me go.

            At that time, I found the reality of the situation we are in. Most of the cops were sitting idle trying to spend their time in some thing worth while. So as we have got caught, definitely they will try to make the most of us. More over working in a night shift is a boring job rite.

            So after a wait of around 1 hr, the inspector of the police station finally arrived. Our sub inspector narrated the whole story once again to him. The inspector looked like a respectable person. And I was even hoping that he will let us go with a stern warning. But alas. He asked the sub inspector why he hasn’t slapped our hero after he has pointed his finger at him. Doomed. All dark thoughts were running in my mind. May be they will lock us up, strip us to the briefs and beat us black and blue. May be they will send us to jail for at least three months. Or may be my cell phone is ringing.

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My experiments with police station – II

Posted by Joe on October 1, 2007

He called our hero stupid.
Stupid???!!!! How dare he call our hero stupid? Even his teachers, parents, friends hasn’t called him stupid. Not even when he flunked a record 7 subjects out of the possible 8 in a single semester. They only called him careless, irresponsible fellow, who is slow in understanding things and with a lesser memory power. They even called him useless guy but never as stupid. So our hero was grossly insulted by having some one call him as stupid. He wanted to fight back in the normal way which the heroes normally do in the movies when they are insulted in movies.

He wanted to give a Bruce lee kick directly to the chin of the sub inspector and smash his jaw off. He wanted to give a punch squarely across the face of sub inspector and again smash his jaw off. He wanted to give an elbow again at the face of sub inspector and again smash his jaw off. And he wanted to do all these three things at the same time.

But with monstrous self control, our hero did nothing and he controlled his senses and uttered a paltry “Mind your words” to the sub inspector. Even his self control can’t control him from pointing his index finger towards the sub inspector.

The sub inspector was dumb founded for a minute. He was not able to believe what is happening before his eyes. A man is pointing his fingers at him!!!!! . That’s it. End of the story. He wanted to do all the things our hero wanted to do, but on the hero. As lots of guys were surrounding him, he kept his anger in control and told him to get into the patrol car. Our hero was still composed and he coolly went and sat inside the patrol car. His bag was taken as evidence.

Then, he called the person who got hit and the person who hit him to get into the police van. Unfortunately, as I had a French beard, he identified me easily and he pointed his index finger at me and asked whether I am the person who gave bumps. I gave a look as if I don’t care and just stood there without saying anything. Fortunately he thought that I was not the one who gave bumps by looking at my innocent face (:D) and he started searching for the person who gave bumps in the crowd. In the mean time, the mallus in our team surrounded the jeep and they pleaded him to let him free. But our sub inspector was not to be moved and he took our hero directly to B-2 police station, the first police station where I went into.

Now I should take some time to explain the police force in India. They first do the action part and after that do the talking part and finally do the reasoning part. Once my friend, who is an Inspector’s son was buying black ticket in a theatre. A constable was on duty in that theatre and he caught him in action and he gave a hard slap to him, and asked him who he is. He told his name and told him that he is a son of an Inspector. Our constable asked him why he hasn’t told him before the slap.

So our hero is in a really grave situation now. We, his team mates made an action plan so that we can rescue our hero. The action plan is to go the police station, all of us together to prove our strength and to tell those cops that how much we like our hero and with united vigor, spirit and strength beg those cops to leave him free. Well we don’t have any other option rite.

So we went to the police station. The sub inspector was there and we again pleaded him to release our hero. All these things were happening inside the police station and I with some of my team mates were standing outside the same. I got really bored of missing all these actions and I boldly made one small step which the largest step is taken by me. I got into the police station to see what is going on inside.

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My experiments with police station – I

Posted by Joe on September 30, 2007

I was in onsite at that time. If you are from IT industry, or if you have any of your friends who are in IT industry, you might know the meaning of the term onsite. For those of you who don’t know its meaning, it represents that you are working for your client in client’s location. In IT industry, guys will be dying for the onsite opportunity as it is one of the opportunities where you can earn a lot of money.

For me, there was only one problem with this settlement. My client is Indian, which means, I will be paid in Indian rupees, which again mean that I cant have dollar dreams, which again mean that my onsite is virtually useless.

But my onsite had one advantage. Our client was based in Trivandrum, which meant that I will have to stay in God’s own country. Believe me; Kerala has got the India’s most beautiful location and locals. So I had no problems when my tenure in Trivandrum was increased from 1 month to 1 year and 1 month. And only because of that extension, I was able to write this story.

Ok.. after a lot of initial preface, we are into the story. There, we started the culture of giving treat to the whole team when something happened in our life. This was of course started by me as I calculated that I can get more treats than the number of treats which I will have to give.

Following this rule, one of our hapless teammate had his birthday and he took us all to treat in one of the best hotel in Trivandrum. The food was as usual excellent with its native Kerala taste. Happy with the party, I decided to thank my teammate. And I thanked him with the ritual bumps.

But I did three things wrong. First thing is that I gave bumps to him in the side of an almost deserted state highway. And the second thing is that a police patrol car, by coincidence was passing through that state highway at that time and saw me beating up my teammate and the third thing is that I had a French beard.

The police patrol, consisting of a driver and a sub inspector, being responsible to their job, came near us and started enquiring what is going on. There were a few Malayalees in our team and these guys were explaining that we were just friends and no fight is going on and that we mean no harm.

The driver was doing most of the talking and he was explaining us about their responsibility and how they will feel when they see a person beating another one in a state highway and how things can go wrong. I and some of my Malayalam team mates were hearing this and we were doing almost nothing other than nodding our heads.

Then the real trouble started. The sub inspector, jealous of the presentation given by the constable, wanted to speak. The big problem was that, there was no Malayalee present near him. One of my teammate (He is our hero not the birthday boy) was standing next to him and he picked this person to give his sermon. The sub inspector, he himself being a Malayalee, started speaking in Malayalam. But our hero is a Tamilian and he can’t understand a single word of Malayalam. As the sub inspector kept on giving his sermon, our hero wanted to actively participate in the discussion told him that he is not a Malayalee and requested him to speak in English.

But the sub inspector kept on giving his speech in Malayalam. Our hero should have taken this cue and he should have kept his mouth shut. But he was too much pumped up that he wanted to contribute in the conversation and insisted him on speaking in English. Our sub inspector having not spoken a single word in English in the past 3 years, 8 months and 12 days other than Hello was irritated with our hero’s continuous pestering. So he uttered the only English word which he is confident in.


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My experiments with police station – Prelogue

Posted by Joe on September 30, 2007

This is one of the incidents which happened in my life. As usual, I will put the story in parts. For my single regular reader, dont worry. I will post them in a daily basis till the story gets over and dont worry once again as the story is not that big

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