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Criticizing the Ayodhya verdict

Posted by Joe on October 2, 2010

Almost everyone in India is maintaining a dignified silence around the Ayodhya verdict. Thankfully, we have not seen violence yet after the verdict has been announced. Mainly because the youth of today know more about farmvile and orkut than about what happened in Ayodhya. The only way they know Ayodhya might be through films like Mumbai which touched upon the violence after the Babri masjid demolition.

Instead of beating around the bush, let me come straight to the reasons why I think the verdict is not so correct.

The first thing to note is, instead of being a civil suit, the case has been judged as a theological suit. Who are the judges to finalize where the birthplace of Ram is and whether Babar masjid is infact a majid? They decisions should be left to the religious leaders and they should just stick on to giving decision based on facts rather than on beliefs. So this verdict has proved everyone that India is indeed not a secular country, but a religious one.

Next, coming on to the verdict. Everyone, including the muslim judge has given the place under the central dome to Hindus. The central dome, as its name suggests was the center of Babri masjid before its demolition in 1992. So are the judges suggesting that what happened in 1992 is correct? If the mob has not demolished the masjid in 1992, according to the judgement, they should have demolished the structure judicially in 2010!!!

During muslim rule, lot of hindu temples were ravaged. A lot many masjids might have been built on top of it. Is the court suggesting that we should collect an inventory of all the masjids constructed that way and they should be demolished to give way for hindu temples? As Ayodhya has been acknowledged as the birth place of Ram, we have other birthplaces of other gods too like Mathura. So will the masjids present in those holy towns follow suite of Ayodhya?

The verdict is nothing more than a panjayat verdict which has appeased the masses for the time being. Hindus and Muslims have shown their maturity by restraining them from committing to mindless violence. But this verdict is another writing on the wall that non-hindu minorities will be treated as minorities.


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Posted by Joe on July 5, 2010

Don’t search who made the below quote. It is entirely my Intellectual property :).

without communist, the world will be a better place to live

I always had a soft corner for communism.
My dad was a die hard communist, who participated in all the student union activities during his college times.
His name even came in news paper, for leading/participating in a strike.
We bought sputnik instead of readers digest and during election, I remember my dad wearing a red shirt.

But few incidents which happened in my life has completely changed my perception about communism.
The first major change happened when I went to Trivandrum.
I was working with TCS at that time, and Trivandrum, being the capital of Kerala is a hot bed of communism.
Atleast once a month, the work will be stopped due to strike of some sort and harthal is a common occurrence.
But the thing which made me change the complete perception about communist was when we shifted our house and the red shirts came to our house as soon as we finished lifting all our house hold items from the road to our house in second floor and demanded Rs 1000/- as we have stolen their jobs from them.
This started a heated exchange between me and the communist guys, with them even warning me that he will not let me live in the city as I am not in Tamil Nadu any more.
The guys cooled down and dispersed calmly after my sane friend gave them Rs 50/-

This is communism in utmost practicality. Humans are lazy by birth and communism sponsors for it through its principles of equality. Performance incentives are a big no-no and promotions based on talent is blasphemy. In fact in the book “Principles of Russian Socialism”, the author points out that in a socialist society, accumulation of wealth is looked down upon.

Still we can see our neighbors China doing fairly well and infact Kerala is one of the most developed state in India. But China still has got its democracy and Kerala has still got its buffer of abundant natural wealth which communist can keep on destroying for the next 30 years or so.

And one more thing, have you ever read any communist magazines?

I got to put my hands on one while I was traveling from Bangalore to Madurai.

The magazine got nothing other than bitching all around. They wanted everything for free. They were against industrial development, as it takes jobs away from normal public, who are not skilled to take the job.
They wanted to stay in the form of a raw animal. They wanted everything to stay with the government, and the government not to focus on making any profit with its institutions, as it will go against the will of helping the public, and still wanted the country to develop.

I think the communist have to come out of their cocoon of Utopian world and face the reality.

Change should start from the top, and for a change, they should tell the government what to do instead of bitching about what they have done. They should focus on making things rather than breaking things, as communist, in my opinion know nothing other than bandhs, harthals, processions, rallys and shouting slogans.

Other than working as devil’s advocate who cries foul about everything going on in this world, I find no use for communist in this society.

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Posted by Joe on April 28, 2010

There is a phase in every one’s life
where he is small and not noted by all.
He is undistinguished and definitely unimportant.
Banging his hands against a wall.

He wants to think he is different
And to his dismay, he finds he is not.
There are same routes and roughly same patterns
Which he is following, as every one in the lot.

He is scared to fall into the trap
Which he knows is really very deep.
He tries to swim away from this hole
Which is deeper than the deepest worm hole.

He wants to break shackles and thus run free.
He wants to be great and be distinguished.
But alas he is scared to break free and run
‘cos he is just another guy, with same old thoughts.

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Sania Malik?

Posted by Joe on March 30, 2010

Well well well.
Even though I think public and press should stay away from the private life of public figures, I can’t help but wonder about Sania Mirza getting engaged to Shoaib Malik.

If this engagement proceeds to marriage, that would be the pinnacle of Sania Mirza’s career.
Yes I didn’t commit a spelling mistake. Who cares about Sania Mirza’s tennis career anyways?

Personally, I followed Sania Mirza when she was an innocent 16 year old teenager, who paired up with Leandar Paes and won Asia cup mixed doubles gold for india. After that, her rise has been pretty meteorological. She kept on being in the front of press, more for putting her legs before Indian flag, than winning any tournaments, which she hardly did any.

Yes she won a grandslam with Mahesh Bhupati, and she has beaten Martina Hingis once. But for the fame and the number of advertisements she appeared in, her contributions to sport is pretty stingy.

I was not able to understand the hullabaloo around her ‘cos Mahesh Bhupati and Leandar Paes kept on winning grand slams after grand slams one after another.

I dont think she did enough to tennis as PT Usha did to athletics or Saina Nehwal did to Badmitton. Still the only thing is Sania Mirza is better looking than the other two and she was able to act as a bitch (sorry girls :)) when required.

By the way I wanted to write about this issue, as this issue will definitely bring up lot many issues including feminism.

Dont believe me?
Do you remember how Indians cheered when Sunny Deol who is an Indian eloped with Amisha Patel who is a Paki in the movie Gadar: Ek prem katha.
Now is the perfect role reversal. A guy from Pakistan is going to marry a girl from India.
I don’t think Indians will support this marriage as they did with Gadar: Ek prem katha.

The next thing is Indo-Pak peace talks.

Think about it. If Gandhiji brought up a decree saying that all Indians should marry a Pakistani only, then most probably we will stop fighting with Pakistan. ‘cos it will be like fighting your own Mom or Dad.

Sania, by starting inter country marriage, has definitely started a new peace process in the correct path 😉

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Nobel laureate Barack Obama?

Posted by Joe on October 9, 2009

Like many people in the world, I am also shocked to hear Barack Obama granted Nobel peace prize. This should definitely be the most scandalous Nobel peace prize of the century.
The Nobel committee has awarded the peace prize as he has 1. worked great deal towards climate change, 2. bringing muslim world closer to the rest of world and also in 3. reducing the nuclear weapons stockpile through out the world.

Seriously I am sure the Nobel committee does not read news papers daily.

1. Regarding climate change, I seriously dont know what Obama has done to change the world. Other than fleeting talks which even George Bush can give, he has not done anything more.  The UN international conference on climate change has not yet convened in Coppenhagen. Without even deciding on what the world is going to do about climate change, awarding a political leader the fruits of working towards climate change is simply stupid.

2. This is the most comical point which is given by the selection committee. US army is still in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They are thinking of getting them back to US. But thought has not been supported by action. Obama being half muslim doesnt prove anything. Nobody cared about his race. So I think even religion should not come into effect.

3. I never read any news saying that the US nuclear weapons stockpile is being reduced. Forcing other countries to sign NPT when they are the guys who have done more than 50% of the nuclear tests is pure hippocracy.

So I totally think Obama does not deserve the peace prize. Norway has yet again aligned to the strong arm of the west and have sided with the US president. It is the same committee which did not give peace prize to Gandhi, but had Hitler and Stalin as nominees for the prize. By awarding peace prize to an unworthy candidate, they have proved the world that words are in fact better than action.

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Around the world to your next house

Posted by Joe on October 8, 2009

Has it ever happened to that you will think a lot for something and will even do something really complicated, only to find that, the same thing can be done in a really simple way, sometimes even in a single step.
It happened to me today.
I did really cool, complex, annoying code, which ran for hours together to get an output which could have been done in a single line and that too taking less than half the time which it took for the original complex stuff.
The worst part was, the complex stuff was not what I wanted and I am right now running the simple stuff which I didn’t know in the first place and am waiting for its output.
I seriously laugh at people when they say you have to think out of the box where you can go to your destination in a really simple straight line.

PS: I am pissed off really.. 2 days of my work = 1 single line of configuration file :X

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How can they do this to people?

Posted by Joe on April 3, 2009

Was going through some videos in youtube. Saw some really horrible war crimes done by Srilankan as well as Israeli forces against Tamilians and Palestinians respectively. But this video really moved me. Mind you.. I watched this video after watching some 10 other related videos each running for an average of 20 minutes.

What can you do when you are up against a really powerful force and you have no option left to protest? Want to do something to stop this cruelty being done on a large scale. But don’t know what to do sitting before a monitor in some corner of the world other than lamenting about it. If you guys feel you can do something to stop this, please let me know too.

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From Mumbai to Lahore

Posted by Joe on March 3, 2009

I stayed out of the Mumbai attack because I was pretty angry at that time. Angry at the sterile government which we have at the center and obviously at the terrorists who held Mumbai hostage for days.

Now they have done a high profile stunt, again, but this time in our neighbour Pakistan. This attack is short and sweet and I am sure this will create as much uproar as it did for Mumbai attacks. Even parallels have started to rise between Munich massacare and what has happened in Lahore.

Leaving behind the emotions behind this attack and think with a bit of rational mind, we can see a faint pattern in the attacks. As in any crime commited against any one, the main thing which we have to find is the person or organization who performed the attacks and the person or organization which is behind the attacks. Sitting before a computer in some part of the world which is noway connected to Lahore, it will not be possible for us to find out who are behind/performed the attacks. But we can atleast speculate who might have carried the attacks.

The first thing which we have to see is to find who will profit by the attacks. Unfortunately through Lahore attacks, many organizations will get profit.

The first obvious candidate is the terror organizations which are based in Pakistan. Pakistan for time immemorial has acted with the terror organizations with double face. Post 9/11, they have somewhat done more harm than good to the terror organizations due to the apparent involvment of the terror organizations based in Pakistan with Al-Queda. So this could have been used as a lesson by the terror organizations to teach Pakistan what the effect will be if Pakistan side too much with what they call infiedels. They can show Pakistan who is the boss by hitting in the bulls eye and hurting where it hurts the most.

The next candidate is LTTE. They have been almost forced to extinction in Srilanka and we can read in the recent news that the top tier of LTTE is trying to escape Srilanka so as to set up camp some where else in the world. So by attacking the Srilankan cricket team, they can some what vent out their frustation against Srilankan government. But this seems highly unlikely as LTTE is in pretty defensive mode right now and taking out organized assault of this magnitude in another country where they have been hardly talked of before seems highly improbable.

CIA/US comes next. Pakistan has historically been a close ally of US. But in recent times, they have started to think for themselves, which ofcourse have created ripples in US. So with this attack, they can show Pakistan that they are in desperate need of US protection and that the terror organizations are really dangerous and if they think for themselves, they might be alienated.

The final and the candidate which has profitted a lot through this attack is India.. Yes. Our home country has been trying to project Pakistan in bad light for the time immemorial. They have been shouting against the terror organizations for quite a long time. Till the Mumbai terror attacks, those voices have fallen on deaf ears and nothing has been ever done against the terror organizations. With the Mumbai attacks, India has been portraied all over the world as the worst hit victim of terror attacks and that some thing has to be done against the terror organizations. But the heat generated by Mumbai attacks has not risen up much and it is almost going to fade with Pakistan doing nothing material against the organizations inside Pakistan. So with this attack, India can show the world that these terror organizations are very strong and that they have to be erradicated. They can also show the world that Pakistan is incompetent to govern itself and that the world should force Pakistan to do as India wishes Pakistan to do. A nice story indeed, but I hope this is not the case.

Personally, I feel the attacks have been done by the terror organizations which are based inside Pakistan. Recently, few top leaders of Pakistan based organizations have been either arrested, or kept in house arrest. More over the terror organizations are dead against Pakistan leaning towards US policies. So this could be the harsh leason to teach Pakistan that they fill burn their hand if they try to poke the terror organizations.

Till more so called investigations are complete in Pakistan, we can’t say for sure who are responsible for the attack. Definitely Pakistan will direct all its attention against India for sure. They will definitely point at the physical proximity of Lahore to India. What ever the result turns out to be, the TV channels can fill their time with yet another attack for weeks to come.

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Slum DOG!!!! Millionaire

Posted by Joe on February 24, 2009

A lot of discussions has happened about the recent movie which swept through the oscars the slumdog millionaire. Resting aside the controversies about the selection including the sidelining of movies like dark knight, the dark horse has finally made it to the center stage.

Now the main controversy surrounding the movie was that it put India in bad light.

Indians have been trying to come out of the stereotype the west had and has about India. Grouping the whole of India as under-developed and struggling for basic living has been the norm of the west. But the point to be noted now is whether the movie will really emphasis the above said fact on the minds of world population.

Personally, I feel that the movie has done more than its fair share of damaging India’s reputation in the world. Even though the movie was definitely watchable and though can be neither categorized as a pop corn movie or as a serious flick, the movie has done what Godfather has done to sicilians or Discovery channel has done to Africa.

I mean, I thought all the guys in Sicilly are warlords.

Same is the case with people of Africa, and I thought even many think that most of the Africans are skinny.

By centralizing the anti Indian tales at the center of debate time and again, definitely the reputation which India is trying to build using India shining campaign or using any other campaign is bound to fall.

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Terrorism or is it??

Posted by Joe on December 1, 2008

The terrorist by ripping through the heart of Mumbai have created ripples through out the whole world. Definitely what the terrorist have done is a condemnable act. But I have posted this post not to go with the crowd by saying how admonishable things the terrorist have done to innocent civilians and not just doing plain bashing as is the protocol after any major terror strike in India. I want to go to the root of terrorism. What is terrorism why we have and terrorism?

These are the basic questions which must have arisen in the minds of almost each and every Indian in act of the recent terror strikes, but these thought would not have entered their main stream of thoughts mainly because of the emotions which overwhelm our thoughts. So let us dive deep into the main questions which have to be asked about terrorism.

For the most basic question what is terrorism, till now, there is no concrete answer. As a matter of fact, even UN is not sure about what terrorism is. Instead of going for anything academical, let us describe terrorism as a group of people which induces a feeling of terror in another group of people.

All the groups whom, we Indians call as terrorist can be easily explained using this assumption. But this assumption is grossly false as Russia induced the same feeling of terror in the hearts of each and every American during the cold wars and right now, America is doing the same in the minds of the Middle East. And as critics put it, a terrorist of one state is a freedom fighter of another state, as in Bhagat singh of India or LTTE of Srilanka, let us go away from this basic question of what is terrorism and let us move forward to the next basic question, why we have terrorism.

The second question is of more importance than the first one, as it can have some hints with which we can solve the problem of terrorism and thus ensuring the peace of mind for the majority of the population. Talking about the majority of the population, we can say that any organization is called as a terrorist organization if that organization is comparatively smaller than the group which it is acting on. For example, take the case of the most famous terrorist organization in the world right now – Al-Queda. They are significantly smaller when compared to the might of Americans, but still they are able to inflict terror in the minds of Americans. So may be we can explain the question of what, if we can explain the question why in the popular context.

Now, at least in the contemporary context, terrorism occurs because of the inability to come out in the open and fight against the larger force. The best example will be that of ETA, who fought for Basque in Spain. Initially, they marked the big officials and those officers who are tough on the Basque people. But as the reply from Spain was mainly iron hand, they restorted to easy picks, like killing as many Spanish nationals as possible. Their reason – teaching Spain the same lesson they have been taught.

This has been the case in almost all the terrorist organizations. Let it be in lawless Somalia or in Afghanistan or in Iraq. The story remains the same. Innocent blood has been spilled and it can be cured only by spilling another innocent blood. Stupid assumption for sure, but for people who are filled with emotions, these conclusions seems to be the most satisfactory.

I am not saying that India is the culprit for making these terrorist attacking India and I am not saying that India has not done any atrocities in Kashmir as seen by Kashmir people. Fault might have been in both the sides as is the case of most of the occurrences. The simple assumption which any one makes is that, as the terrorist organization is comparatively small, they can be easily smashed like a fly, if the opposing power is really powerful. But time and again, it has been proved that the smaller size has given mobility and adaptability to the terrorist organizations and they almost always manage to skip through the gaps present between the fingers.

Considering all these facts, I feel that, the best way to tackle terrorism will be by considering terrorist as human beings and try to find out what has driven them towards terrorism and trying to rehabilitate their life so that they will not think about taking the life of a terrorist. Even a deadly cobra attacks only when it is provoked to do so. If provided with the basic amenities, the terrorist, whom we think equivalent to cobra, will be more than happy to do their own job than to kill others and also themselves.

This might not be the total solution as there are some fanatics out there, who will not stop till the other side is completely demolished. But still, this might be a small beginning towards the right direction.

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