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The daemon

Posted by Joe on January 3, 2010

How will you feel about a person who knows what you think, whom you talk with and some times even direct your money and watch each and every thing you do?
Pervert? Leach? or Google?
Now to those who don’t know about the reach of Google, here are the snippets.

Not many people know any video hosting site other than youtube or google videos. Hardly few people use metcafe.
Yahoo messenger is almost extinct and almost every one in the block use gtalk.
With the release of google wave, which has shown new ways to communicate through webcam, skype is moving almost out of question.
The number of entries in Blogspot – again owned by Google almost completely outweighs the entries made in wordpress.
Google Adsense is definitely much better than Adbrite, even though you have to be a owner of a high traffic blog/website to have one account.
People who were using mozilla are slowly switching over to Google Chrome.
Google has even come out with an OS Chrome OS, which will have nothing other than Google Chrome installed in your computer, and you use your computer just to connect to the internet.
Google Reader, Google Maps, Orkut, Google Docs, Google Calender are slowly taking over our way of life. Even WikiMaps is powered by Google!!

So OK. Google is every where. So is or was? Microsoft. You might ask what is the big deal with Google monopolizing the whole of internet? The problem is that Microsoft asks whether you want to send some information to its server. The problem with Google is that, you have to accept their terms and conditions, which almost none of us care to read, and in some obtuse location, they have specified that they will collect some of your data. The worst part is that Google till now, they haven’t come public about what they are collecting from us.

Yeah Google knows what you type. Google knows what you blog and Google has got even a new OS.

Now coming on to perks.

I think almost each and every one has a gmail account. Now guess what? The button which they have provided as delete is just for beauty. It doesn’t serve the purpose. For the sake of so called efficiency, your data, what ever you store online in gmail is duplicated in various servers around the world and recently Google has come out open saying that they necessarily don’t delete all the content which the user thinks he has deleted.

So nobody knows what is going on inside the black box called as Google. And this black box is slowly taking over what we knew as internet. You could be prosecuted for what you think. As in countries like China, you are not supposed to think in certain ways.

So the gist of the post is that, if you are a believer, pray to God that Google does not fall in wrong hands and become a daemon which it could become 🙂

PS: This is my take on Google. For detailed list of controversies surrounding Google, please check wiki


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